Four Best Ways to Invest in Video Games

Everyone and their mamma's are cashing in on the video game industry. The Video games industry is bigger than Hollywood. This article suggests four ways on how to invest in video games:

-Investing in video game publishers (i.e. EA, Activision)
-Investing in video game retailers (i.e. GameStop & Game Group)
-Investing in companies that make video game consoles (Nintendo, Sony, MS, Hon Hai)
-Investing in companies that make video game accessories (i.e. Madcatz & Logitech)

Did you know that Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. [OTC: FXCNF] is a technology company based in Taiwan which manufactures the Mac mini, the iPhone and the iPod for Apple Inc. (AAPL), cell phones for Nokia Corp. (NOK), and motherboards for Intel Corp. (INTC). Additionally it also manufactures PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii - the four most popular gaming consoles - making it a a major player on the video game industry.

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