CD Projekt's 2020 sales trounce previous full-year record

Cyberpunk 2077 developer's preliminary financials show 2020 sales and profits both several times higher than records set during The Witcher 3's launch year.

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darthv7224d ago

That's impressive... all things considered.

rdgneoz324d ago

Yah. Hilarious when you consider investors were complaining at first and they almost tripled their record from Witcher 3 in 2015.

locomorales24d ago

In the end, inverstors were "right" to rush the game. At least from corporative/capitalist point of view.

HardKnockKid2424d ago

No, they weren’t. Not even from a capitalist perspective unless there was massive fraud and folks sold early to buy the dip. The benefit of owning stake in a company long term is to allow your investment to grow through the course of ownership. CDPR’s valuation contracted after this debacle. Not a good result for investors, which is why many sued.

JEECE24d ago

Yeah people on here can't understand anything beyond "well it still sold millions of copies."

locomorales24d ago

It is a truly innocent view to think that speculative capital is concerned with the long term, especially in emerging markets like Poland. Profits were realized from these sales, and the capital went out. Just take a look at the stock price as of February of this year. Do not repeat ideas from the financial market as if they were valid for large traders.

Aarontk24d ago

Personally, I love the game, but as good as their sales were they could have been massive without the bad PR. It was THE game of 2020 before it released. While the numbers are good, I feel like they could have been stratospheric with a delay to Jan or Feb

VenomCarnage8924d ago

They were only "right" in a short term kind of view

locomorales24d ago

And where do you get the idea that speculative capital that operates in emerging countries, like Poland, has any concerns beyond the short term? Look at the CDPR stock price and you will see the drop starting in February of this year, when the profits were realized and speculative capital went out. That's how the real world works.

DarthMarvin24d ago

Isn't it also one of the most refunded games in history, though? Surely that should be taken into consideration when calculating total sales.

Sgt_Slaughter24d ago

I doubt that got factored in so I agree

Outlawzz24d ago

Looking forward to this wen I get my ps5 next year or the year after. I'm sure it'll be at a great price

scott123467824d ago

You expect them to sell even more in the coming months when more patches take place. I bought the game on series x 2 weeks back and enjoying it so far a few minor bugs but nothing major.

Sgt_Slaughter24d ago

Nope, the game's reputation is screwed for years to come if not permanently damaged. There's fundamental issues with the AI and story telling and just about everything else beyond the glitches that won't have people coming in droves to buy it like they did when No Man's Sky was fixed.

Tiqila23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

So you name 2 fundamental issues, one being AI and the other being story telling. I thought CP2077's story telling was great, so what is your problem with it, if I may ask? The AI will be fixed eventually and to be honest, it wasn't really an issue either. Sure it was/is bad, but since this is not GTA, I realllly never cared that there was no police chasing me... I think you are just repeating the opinion of others. Try thinking for yourself some day.

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The story is too old to be commented.