It Takes Two Is the Best Co-op Game in a Decade and Exemplifies What Makes Them Special

It Takes Two from Hazelight Studios is the best co-op game since Portal 2 and exemplifies everything that is great about such games.

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Terry_B658d ago

Never played Blazing Chrome I guess.

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VerminSC658d ago (Edited 658d ago )

I honestly can’t think of another co-op game I enjoyed this much. It’s incredible!

Edit: I forgot halo... but still it takes two is amazing

Firebird360658d ago

Awesome game. Everyone should pick it up.

MeteorPanda658d ago

my only complaint is that its s bit easy. its minigames can be very one sided at times and if u play controller vs kb/m prepare to lose most the time haha.

was full of good jokes and puzzles so we had fun regardless

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