Final Fantasy 14 on PlayStation 5: Graphics Mode Comparison

IGN: "The popular MMORPG has made it's way to PlayStation 5. This brand new version of the game comes with three separate graphics modes to fit your playstyle: a 4K mode, a frame rate option, and a mode that gives you a mix of both."

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REDGUM24d ago

I'm not a final fantasy game player. Never have played any of the games bar a demo that came out years ago on ps3 I believe. That said, after seeing this video of the changes from last gen to this gen..... there is nothing worthy of a remake in my opinion. There is little to no changes at all that warrant a re-release of this game and for gamers to re-purchase it. Unless of course it's a free update/upgrade. If that were the case then fine but with all the effort that's gone into this, let's be honest, time has not been spent wisely in my opinion.

ManMarmalade24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

This is one of the best MMOs I've ever played imo. It's stacked with content too. I remember playing for months without stopping because there was always something to do or to explore. This is great that it's coming to PS5. Why would you not want more games for you library?

curtain_swoosh24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

so, ur not a FF player. not a fan, never played any of the games apart from a demo, but u critic an MMO not having enough graphical changes from the ps4 to ps5 to warrant a re-release.


MMO's, especially this one, dont profit from just the graphic changes, little they may be in your obvious professional opinion on ff games, but the loading times.

not trying to be passive aggressive, but .. you know.

Eidolon24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

What do you mean remake? Do you know what a remake is? lol.
This is only comparing the graphical options on PS5.
And the PS5 upgrade is free.

Miraak82 24d ago

Since you have no basis of comparison you're just talking out of your ass , I play this on base ps4 and the difference is night and day compared to the ps5 version . Why bother commenting on something you know nothing about but I guess there are people like you who just like to complain about nothing lol .

REDGUM23d ago

I'm not complaining at all. I'm just noting the minor differences if any between last & current builds. I did also say that if this was a free upgrade/ patch then fine. I was merely commenting on the differences on the 3 videos shot side by side but I guess you missed that.

TheTony31624d ago

What remake? This is an MMO and a free upgrade for PS4 owners of the game. There will be more graphical updates in upcoming patches/expansions.

NeoGamer23223d ago

Ya, this is a very very light next gen update.

Check out the next gen update to Elder Scrolls Online.

Although it was probably made with PC assets, it is much more significant.

REDGUM23d ago

See, somebody gets what I'm talking about. I wasn't knocking the game at all only the upgrade that it's recieved.
If this jump of upgrade happens to Cyberpunk when it hit's ps5 at some point all you guy's who disagreed would be up in arms about how insignificant the upgrades were. This was mearly my point with this upgrade.

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Nexus53024d ago

4K mode for me I think. I see little difference in the frame rate. Maybe it’s just my eyes.