X-Play Reveals Killzone 2 Release Date & 2 New Weapons

From G4: "Tonight, X-Play brought you the release date for Killzone 2, the highly-anticipated FPS from Guerrilla Games and Sony!

That date: February 27, 2009!

There were a lot of rumors about the 17th, but it will be 10 days later. Get your pre-orders in!

X-Play also revealed two new weapons: the Bolt Gun and the Flamethrower, which can both be seen in the following video:"

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theEnemy3696d ago

but I'll wait first if Guerilla will release a Collector's/Limited Edition.

bviperz3696d ago

pre-order, then if the collectors edition comes out, switch it? I do it all the time!

INehalemEXI3696d ago

Hmmmm, If theres a Helghan figure Im going to want LE.

mikeslemonade3696d ago

I'm buying this at Gamefly for $45. Release date is earlier than I expected.

INehalemEXI3696d ago

That bolt gun reminds me of something from dead space ..though its from liberation nice, nice.

buy a ps33696d ago

the game is great. here is a video about some of the tech they are puting into it.

ShinMaster3696d ago

Killzone looks a lot better now.

JOLLY13696d ago

That flamethrower looked......interesting?

Foliage3696d ago

Reality might be a bit disappointing, but that is how an actual flamethrower would look. The common representation of a flamethrower in video games would not be operational for more than 5-10 seconds.

The gaming GOD3696d ago

I agree

I was about to address that same thing.

Realistically, that is the best interpretation of the flamethrower gun in a videogame period. People have to keep in mind that most of the weapons (not all) in Killzone were meant to have realism in mind

Rick AstIey3695d ago

Flame Thrower? More like Napalm.

solidt123695d ago

Perfect release date. Right when everyone who is getting a tax return will receive it. I watched the special last night and they said you you can make bets on Death matches for there version of money which you can use to upgrade weapons and equipment. I think that is awesome. I'm gonna leave someone with Rabbit ears for pockets.

Nineball21123695d ago

I just pre-ordered. I can't wait to get this game...

Depending on what games I get for Christmas, there is going to be a game that gets set aside for this one on the 27th.

I know there is a lot of hype for this game, but it sure seems well deserved.

Spydiggity3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

a flame thrower and a bolt gun (torque bow)!!! Does this game's originality know no bounds???

But seriously...this game does look good. It's just not rewriting the rules for FPS. and most of the guns are direct rip offs.

that bolt gun. it's just a combination of the bolt gun from Half Life 2 (the part where it pins the enemies to the wall), and the torque bow from gears.

and the flame thrower.... well, that's in every shooter these days.

all i'm saying is, i'll probably buy this game, but i'm not at all blown away by it creatively. and all this overblown hype is just going to leave a lot of gamers disappointed.

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koston36473696d ago

way to wait until the last week in February lol cant wait Bolt Gun FTW!!!!!

Killjoy30003695d ago

Why does that gun seems soooo much like the Arch Charger to me?

koston36473695d ago

because they both involve some kind of electricity they're both really powerful (one more than the other) and finally they're both wicked awesome weapons


GVON3696d ago

haven't got time to check the vid,EU date 27th?

Hershy9993696d ago

cause the host cuts him off.

Edit: But he does say Feb. 27 2009

GVON3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Done a little looking and the 27th is a friday,normally America get's it game releases on tuesday,
I spoke to someone and he said Geow2 was out on the 7th in America,that was a friday and a WW release,so I'm going to say it's also the EU date.
if not we wait until the 6th of march :(

claney3696d ago

EB Games in Australia has the Killzone 2 release date
as the 26/02/2008, so EU would be pretty much the same
i would think since we usaually are Europe when it
comes to game releases

pwnsause3696d ago

G4TV/X-play is done in the US. That was most likely the US release date.

Downtown boogey3696d ago

Hope this won't be another R2 esque debacle!

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Goon 1873696d ago

I already pre-order it a month ago, but If they release a Collector's edition, I'm going to switch it. No doubt this game will be a System seller.

happyface3696d ago

lol system seller? get real, hopefully it does a little better than r2 did

ThatCanadianGuy3696d ago

You honestly don't think this is a system seller?! This game is like a 360 fanboys wet dream.Muscle men carrying big guns with gorgeous graphics? I'll have to beat POG with a stick to get him off this game..

No but seriously lol.Go to a video on youtube or Gametrailers and look at the comments."Im buying a PS3 for this!" Etc,etc.

This is a 100% system seller.

Goon 1873696d ago

More than half the people on my FL on XBL, said that as soon killzone 2 is release they are buying a PS3. So you are telling me it's not a system seller?

bviperz3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Although I dislike your tactics (or lack of tactfulness) I must agree (to a certain degree). Fans need to understand we're not talking about an established franchise here, we're talking about a game that has a lot to prove. This isn't no MGS4 game that's coming up, this a follow-up to KZ1, and we all know how that was received (plus the whole CG fiasco). I would rather count the chickens after they hatch then cry wolf. Will it sell systems? Yes. Will it sell systems like MGS4 did? No, not at first. But as the word spreads, and maybe price cuts, well you know the rest. On the other hand, if it does sell systems like MGS4, I'll eat that humble pie. Better that way then the other. Oh, and happy, could have done without the 'get real' part.

rhood0223696d ago


I definitely think Killzone 2 has the chops to move consoles--IF Sony markets the hell out of it. I'm talking Halo-style marketing campaign--posters, tv spots, movie theatre spots, displays in Best Buy and other major retailers--the whole nine. I seriously hope that a majority of the millions Sony has set aside for it's 2009 marketing campaign is going towards this game.

But even if that's not the case, I definitely see Killzone 2 selling by word of mouth in the weeks and months after it releases. I mean, the original Halo moved more games and consoles two months AFTER it's release than it did on release. The key there is that those who buy it and enjoy it need to spread the word. Go to Gamestop or similar stores and talk the game up, assuming the atmosphere of the store allows for such interactions. I can't tell you how many times I've at least rented a game because I overheard or conversed with other customers at Gamestop talking up particular titles.

Myze3696d ago


Don't forget the Killzone Dew. (or maybe not)

solidt123695d ago

Fa Show, if they come out with a Limited Edition with Helghast that's a must buy. Dude for Halloween i went to a party dressed like one.

Bits-N-Kibbles3695d ago

happyface bubbles taste so good

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Salta_nelas3696d ago

Hopefully EU release date is earlier:P

Doppy3696d ago

It probably will be if not the same day since it's made by a European developer, but I guess that doesn't mean anything.