Special Retail Edition of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series Confirmed for PlayStation VR

Slated to arrive in Spring 2021.

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darthv7230d ago

Oh hell yes. I did not download this because i had a feeling (call it force intuition) that a physical release would happen.

Abnor_Mal30d ago

I want to get this, but I'm not a Star Wars fan in the least, so I'm not sure I would follow the story enough especially if it features characters beyond the first three movies.

With that said I dont know if it would really be worth a purchase.

ApocalypseShadow30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

For what it is, as an experience with the side thing being the dojo battles, it's good. And I'm a Star "Trek" fan. Well, sci-fi fan. But I like Trek more than Star Wars.

If you ever wanted to meet Darth Vader close up, you will. And that's an OG character. If you ever wanted to wield the force, it's so fun. The first episode dojo should have had the option for it. But it must have been just for teaching the basics of saber combat. But after you play the other dojo battles, you'll never go back unless you want to 100 percent complete it. I just do the story then move back to the other episodes and dojos.

Unlocking sabers, dual wielding sabers, shooting blasters at storm troopers, fighting huge robots. Not the first ones, the BIG ones, is cool.

I guess it comes down to if you like the Vader character. I also liked Maya Rudolph's character.(Yeah. From SNL) Cheesy. But fun. I think I bought it on a sale though.

There's some sound glitches sometimes and this weird hand thing going on. You'll know when you see it. But it doesn't affect the gameplay. My two cents. If the dojo battles had you fighting obi wan, Yoda, etc, it would have been a straight 10. It's about a 7 or 8. For star wars fans anyway.

Abnor_Mal30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I'm definitely a Star Trek fan way WAY more than a Star Wars fan, not quite a trekkie but more like a tracker. I watch the show, know the characters and history up to the end of Voyager.

Star Wars I can point out the main cast and a very reduamentary outline of the lot, but that's as far as it goes, and I'm only talking about episodes four through six.

In truth from your description of the gameplay it sounds like more effort than I'm willing to offer, I'll keep an eye out for a very drastic sale.

Thanks for your insight.