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CCG writes - "Shadow Man Remastered is a mix of both remake and remaster of the title previously released in 1999. Greatly enhancing the resolution and framerate, as well as adding cut content (although I don’t know what that cut content is exactly), it aims to be the definitive version of the Shadow Man experience. Starring a man known as Micheal LeRoi on the Liveside but called the titular Shadow Man on the Deadside. His goal is to collect the Dark Souls (no relation to the game) so that he can defeat Legion, a conglomerate of souls seeking to take over both the Liveside and Deadside and cause the end of the world. Voodoo priestess Mama Nettie assists Shadow Man as he does business on the Liveside, while a dead skeleton with the body of a snake and the voice of an Irishman named Jaunty helps out on the Deadside. As Shadow Man collects Dark Souls from both sides, his power increases and also gains him access to new areas."

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TGG_overlord69d ago

I still love this game to this very day.