Black Friday Who? 20GB Xbox 360 Refurb $180 at TigerDirect

GameCyte spotted a sweet deal over at TigerDirect: while supplies last, you can pick up a refurbished 20GB Xbox 360 with wireless controller -- but no HDMI port -- for only $180.

Get 'em while the getting's good!

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tatotiburon3695d ago

that xbox 360 units aren't even falcon, so not much a deal

GameCyteSean3695d ago

If your primary objective is reducing home power consumption, then yes. Falcons still get RRoD though.

thebudgetgamer3695d ago

should i stay away from this deal?


incogneato3695d ago

def stay away from this deal. theres no point buying a refurbed product that is known to be defective. you are just throwing away money

Raoh3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

thats a hell of deal.

my apartment was just recently robbed so i have to rebuild (they took 2 tv's and 2 ps3's :( )

i said i would buy a ps3 (which i'm about to do thanks to credit card :) )

but a cheap 360 so i can burn games for free wouldnt be bad at that price.

Buuuuuttt.. this is the loud one isnt it?

EDIT******** LOL never mind it's refurbished... so its already shown signs of RROD

INehalemEXI3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

My refurbished one has lasted longer then my brand new first 1 and the 2nd 1 did. I guess you never know what your gonna get...If its not Jasper.

NewZealander3695d ago

but dont all refurbs have the new chipset in them, the one based off of the felcon? dont remember the name, i know all refurbs doen now are cool and quiet, havnt had one myself but i know a couple that had the old ones with the hitachi drives that got fixed and the new chipset and i think lite on or benq whatever the dvd drives are, are verry good

taldous3695d ago

I just got my 20 gig back from Microsoft 2 days ago and it is damn near silent. Don't flame me, but it is quieter than my 60 gig PS3.

dantesparda3692d ago

I have a BenQ drive 360 and it is not quieter than a PS3! not even close. Sh!t the 360 is still louder than the PS3, while running demos off the HDD (cuz of the fans) than the PS3 is while actually spinning discs. I always find it strange when you can actually hear the PS3 (which is rarely) because its very unusual. Whereas the 360 is ALWAYS loud, even when play the demos as I already stated earlier. And once it starts to spin the discs, oh what a racket! Sure the BenQ drive is quieter than the older drives, but its still loud.

And to anyone who thinks that Falcons dont ring red, ha! oh please! my Falcon red ringed in a year and i just recently got the replacement for it back like a month and a half ago. And it red ringed the very next day. But luckily the day after that it worked and hasnt red ringed since. But that tells me that this 360 is already fvcked and is just a ticking time bomb before it red rings again. And btw, this is my 5th or 6th red ringed 360 (I've lost track)

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Microsoft Xbox 3603695d ago

The usual saying is" Get'em while it's hot".

In this case it's: "Get 'em while the getting's good!".

I wonder why?

ppthedipshit3695d ago

Maybe when they say "Get'em while it's hot" they are refering to RROD.


Keele3695d ago

Well aren't you smart.

bomboclaat_gamer3695d ago

lol. i sell modded xbox 360s for 150. refurbs. im better than tiger direct lol

FantasyStar3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago ) you didn't.

bomboclaat_gamer3695d ago

i buy them broken and fix the RROD and sell em back for more money. nice to take the wifey out for an occasional dinner without feeling the dent in my pocket :)

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