Ranting and Raving: Level Grinding the Square Enix Way

The Blogging Gamers own Grasshopper101 seethes over the archaic use of level grinding in today's RPGs.

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GrieverSoul3696d ago

If you dont like grinding, u shouldn´t play RPGs!

DA_SHREDDER3696d ago

Level grinding was one of the best parts of all the old school rpgs. Im so sick of the casual crowd, their opinions shouldn't even matter. Ive been buying rpgs since I was sh*ting green back in 1988. My fondest memories for me was not going outside to play, because I lived in a rough neighborhood. It was killing slimes, wyverns, and gold golems that filled my mind with all the fantasy and adventure that I feel that aren't in todays rpg's. I crave to get the same feeling from an rpg that I used to get as a kid. I think I will have to invest in some older consoles soon if todays rpg's dont get dramatically better.

People like this article writer is part of the reason why squeenix trys to cater to because they are noobs that need somebody to hold their hand while they play their game. FF13 better include the infamous Weapons with the Million hp health bar. I will never buy a FF13 again if they don't do at least a little fan service in the new Final Fantasy's. Nostalgic is what they need to get back into for the series. Cactur's and Moggles FTW!

Grasshopper1013696d ago

"Play is supposed to be the opposite of work, but most video games are just jobs with a little bit of fun thrown in. These games can leave players feeling abused, frustrated, and overly aggressive. What your players need is freedom from competition and aggravation. Give your players a place to play where they don't have to win anything. Let them have fun without having to follow a bunch of rules. Give your players a chance to overcome challenges that have many solutions. Your game can either irritate or alleviate. Which would you rather do? If you want to add to the happiness of your players, give them freedom."

-Duane Alan Hahn