Sony Needs to Advertise Killzone 2

At times it seems Sony doesn't care much for advertising. It would be lovely if everyone was a hardcore gamer, everyone browsed the Internet for multiple reviews on various games, and that everyone engaged in text battles about their console of choice on forums. The truth is that most "gamers" see a commercial, see about 10 seconds of gameplay footage, and quickly run to their local Wal-Mart to pick up said game.

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tatotiburon3695d ago

If Sony desn't advertise K2, spending a lot of money and put the game everywhere, the game will flop in sells like Resistance 2 and LBP

PistolPumptMonk3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Flop? First of all, thats stupid. Second of all, who cares how well the game sells, we'll be too busy poppin' heads with the sniper to care.

tatotiburon3695d ago

who cares? the devs cares or do you think that they made games just to please you?

Aclay3695d ago

Well I have no doubt that Killzone 2 is going to sell.

And Tatotiburon I think it's a little to early to be calling Resistance 2's sales a "flop" whenever Novembers NPD haven't even been released. And LittleBigPlanet wasn't even out but just a few days in October and October's NPD does not reflect the true sales of the game.

I'm not sure if KZ2 will have mid-night releases, but it definantly should. I also think that Guerrilla will have their own special launch events in Europe near their development studio or in various places in Europe to celebrate the release of the game. Guerrilla has invited gamers to their studio to play Killzone 2, so I don't see why they wont have some kind of event for KZ2's release.

There is a difference between Resistance 2 and LBP because Killzone 2 is one of the most anticipated PS3 exclusives next to Metal Gear Solid 4. And yeah, I know that LBP had tons of hype behind it, but it was no where as anticipated as Killzone 2, and KZ2 is what the majority of PS3 owners have been waiting for since buying a PS3, and Killzone 2 is a game that a lot of Xbox 360 owners have been waiting for BEFORE buying a PS3.

Killzone 2 is probably Sony's biggest video game project to date this generation, and I do agree that Sony does need to advertise KZ2 very heavily and I think that they will. I'm not sure why Sony didn't advertise LBP more than they did...maybe it was because LBP was a much lower budget game, I don't know... but anyways, Metal Gear Solid 4 was a big budget game JUST like Killzone 2 is, and the fact that KZ2 is a very big budget game, I'm pretty sure that Sony will advertise KZ2 just the same as MGS4.


This game needs a mid night launch like they did for mgs4.I really hope some1 kicks sony up the a$$ next year so they start marketing there games propley.I have not seen a single resistance2 advert on T.V and it has been out for a while now over here in the uk.

MrWeymes3695d ago

That made me chortle, but the point is that Sony needs to make us sick with how much they advertise Killzone 2. It can't just be any regular advertising like Resistance 2, it has to be borderline harassment like I explained in the article.

jaysquared3695d ago

I've been reading alot of talk from them about not caring how much their consoles sold or how much the software sales as long as Sony keeps the game coming. Hopefully you guys do know that if the PS3 flops there might not be PS4 or KZ3 or LBP2 with the way Sony is struggling right now as a company. So you guys better care more if your console doesn't sell or if the game doesn't sell. You should do what you can to get people buying the PS3. Start buying it as gifts because Sony really needs it hardware and software to sell. M$ isn't going anywhere they have too much money if this keeps going Sony will go the way of Sega in the video game industry. They will just become a software company like EA.

XxZxX3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

hey jaysquared, i don't know how you read it, but I read most of the PS3 Fans are happy with what the console have to offers and they are still steadily selling well despite being heavily compared with Microsoft. Keep spreading the FUD man. Sony is struggling as a company? I bet you didnt see what happen to Sony 10 years ago. They are in much better shape right now, even with no PS3 domination like PS2.

It's totally two different things man, Sony Fans are confident about their PS3, so they don't care how the FUD media trying to put it down. Rather than totally giving up on Sony. Sure man, Spread the FUD even more. Just to let you know dont care about your FUD doesn't mean giving up.

poopsack3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

no, you do NOT compare two companies that have two different focuses. Or tell me, where can I find the sega brand tv, dvd, blu ray player and all those other sega electronics that arent game based. Besides, we're here to play games, not to beg other people to buy our console, if you do that then... wow.

PistolPumptMonk3695d ago

I didn't say I would be too busy to care. I said WE. Meaning the devs made the game for the people who are going to buy it and enjoy it. Yes, the more sales they get, the better. But they are trying to make a quality product, an ENTERTAINMENT product, and WE (the people playing the game) will be perfectly happy no matter how well the game sells.

cmrbe3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

is making alot of money from PSP, PS2 and also PS3. Sony have alot of 1st parties game that have sold more than a million.

Sony fans shouldn't worry about PS3 game advertising and sales as they are just fine. I would be worried if Sony blows millions in advertising games that would sell well themselves instead of creating new exclusive IP's.

Look at MS for example. They blow millions and millions on Halo 3 and Gears 2 even though those two game will sell by name alone. As a result MS is now relying on no name exclusive, stupid DLC, close down studios and meaningless time exclusive to keep the x360 fans happy.

@tatotiburon & jaysquared

You guys have fun playing Gears 2 sales and advertisements while PS3 fans have fun with playing with real exclusive. Oh and don't worry about PS fans and Sony. You should worry about MS and your x360 more since they are out of warranty and basically zero quality lineup next year. Thanks for careing though.

Edge Maverick3695d ago

Let's not get ahead of ourselves Sony fans. Look, websites seeeeeeeem to love it (we all know what happened to Lair when they seeeeeemed to love it too) and let's face it, the first Killzone even after hitting Greatest Hits sold 2 million copies. Not exactly MGS status and certainly without advertisements, this game isn't going to sell like Halo based on Hardcore anticipation. There are still a bunch of skeptical people out there Sony needs to get ahold of in the hardcore market and most casual wouldn't know a damn thing about this game...seriously.

SONY NEEDS TO ADVERTISE THIS! The more buy it, the better for Sony, the more for me to F'N OBLITERATE ONLINE. OH-YA!

jammy_703695d ago

sony didnt advertise mgs4 here in england i mean c'mon there tight t**ts!
they NEED to advertise this game so much, spend millions on it! every advert, i want to see this game being advertised
u imagine how many people will see an advert on this game and go WOO i WANT THAT GAME!!
pull your finger out on this 1 SONY!!!!

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Microsoft Xbox 3603695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

We at Microsoft, advertise even the most horrible games. It's the only way to satisfy our lemmings. Quantity over quality at Microsft any day. It's our motto. Sales numbers seems to be much more enjoyable than the quality of the games itself according Xbot's these days.

tatotiburon3695d ago

yes and gerrilla games only devs games to make PS3 fans happy...not for the money, sells don't count, only a smile in every droid face is enough

ultimolu3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )


Now go away.

It's very clear that you're jealous of the game.

tatotiburon3695d ago

lol jealous...yeah right, i played tonz of game while you were waiting for K", and i will play K2 also so?. But please continue to spin facts by attacking other people kid.

ultimolu3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Of course you're jealous.

Why would you be here then. If you don't care so much about for the game, then why are you here?


Oh, and great games take time.

Gue13695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

oh yeah, I just remembered that PS3 owners didn't got awesome games this year like MGS4(one of the highest rated games this gen) or LBP(another one of the highest rated games this gen) or maybe something like Valkyria Chronicles (highest rated Jrpg this gen) or pretty varied genre of games like Motorstorm2/Resistance2/Naruto UNS.

and I forgot PS3 owners didn't had the chance to play third party's games like Farcry2, Bioshock, Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia, COD:WAW, etc because those are exclusive to the MS console.... >_<

XxZxX3695d ago

tatotiburon is mentally challenged.

Microsoft Xbox 3603695d ago

Don't listen to tatotiburon people. He is just one of my many brainwashed consumers that realized he bought the wrong console. And for the record he doesn't have a PS3.

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theEnemy3695d ago

support their highly anticipated exclusives like they did to MGS4.

QuackPot3695d ago

But I fear they won't.

The advertising they've done so far this generation is bordering on pathetic - relying heavily on brand loyalty.

LBP, R2 and M2 aren't getting he hype generating promotions they the Ps3 is still to expensive.

Goon 1873695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

advertising the game won't hurt it, a matter of fact it would boost sales, so why not?

The first time I saw the killzone 2 footage it was a no brainer,I have to get this game, so think what advertising it would do

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