IGN Reviews Alone in the Dark: Inferno

"There's no hiding the fact that Eden Games' Alone in the Dark, which hit several consoles earlier this year, was not terribly well-received. My colleague, Ryan Geddes, had some serious qualms with the 360 version of the game, including its poor controls, unintuitive combat mechanics and a less-than-ideal story. His review was not the only one that reacted in this manner, and the folks at Eden took the criticisms very seriously when they continued their work on the PS3 version. Now that Alone in the Dark: Inferno is available at retail, some gamers might be curious as to how the latest version turned out. I can say with complete confidence that Inferno is a tremendous improvement over its predecessors in terms of gameplay and structure, though it still bears some of the same problems that plagued the other versions. But at the very least, what was once an awful game riddled with issues is now a reasonably entertaining effort that better highlights some of the great ideas that Eden attempted to implement into the project."

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Rice3701d ago

meh was never interested in this game.. it had alot of potential the soundtrack was awesome, story was decent, mechanics sounded that they were great but it failed...

TheColbertinator3701d ago

Cheer up guys.Before this game was abysmal.Now its just average

cayal3701d ago

TEH C3LL does that you know...

TheColbertinator3701d ago

It raises the dead and feeds the homeless :D

Wildarmsjecht3701d ago

This win. Kudos Steven. Kudos.

Draperc3701d ago

Personally I thought this game was awesome. Instead of just walking up to any door and pressing a button to open it, you sometimes have to find another way to get it open, whether it's shooting the lock with your pistol, strapping a bottle of flammable liquid to it and shooting it, or using a fire extinguisher to bust the door down, this is a game where you can't just run and gun your way through it. You have to give it some thought.

pwnsause3701d ago

Once a Turd, always a Turd.

Draperc3701d ago

It's got trophies at least. =P

Danja3700d ago

yups im gonna rent it..just for the trophies...

user94220773700d ago

The demo was average, overall not that good for a game, even with trophys.