DualSense Controller Is Really Amazing, Says MotoGP 21 Dev; Xbox Series S Was No Trouble At All

MotoGP 21 producer Matteo Pezzotti shared his excitement for the PS5's DualSense controller and the details of its implementation. He also said Xbox Series S was no trouble at all during the development of the game.

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Thundercat7760d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I recently got my PS5 and it is true... You have to experience the Dualsense to understand how good it is. Sony really innovated its controller and it pays off.

Feels like a true next Gen upgrade experience.

Sonyslave360d ago

I got the ps5 i dont see the big deal lol

SullysCigar60d ago

Really 'Sonyslave'? You gave up your right to play the neutral gamer card..

Gamers and developers alike have praised this controller since launch. It's a big step forward and feels next gen.

waverider60d ago

we that name you really got a PS5.... any player that got a PS5 and tested it on Astrobot understands the evoluition...

ApocalypseShadow60d ago

He's just upset that no one talks about that "other controller" at all. Like...AT Like it doesn't exist.

Seriously. Does any developer talk about that other controller? Dual Sense made it disappear.

60d ago
Elda60d ago

Seeing your past comments about anything PS why did you even bother to waste your funds buying one. You could have left it for someone else that really wants a PS5.

59d ago
ThePacemaker59d ago

You don't see the difference? LOL I feel sorry for you Slave .. I think you should adhere to your Xbox then.

CaptainHenry91659d ago

I don't think you have a PS5 🤥🤥🤥

1Victor59d ago

Why is slave commenting his Xbox supervisor needs 50 lashes. No bad Xbox slave bad xb ahum Sony slave

darthv7259d ago

@shadow, well to be fair, if the controller does its job, there is no reason to talk about it. It just blends in and you focus more on the game you are playing instead of how you play it.

ApocalypseShadow59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

So Darth, not adding anything new to the controller conversation is a "good thing?"

"Well, we copied the share button. So, now we are on equal footing with Sony." Lol

Sony hid the controller from prying eyes until they were ready. No longer the days of both companies being at IBM and one of them stealing secrets or benefiting from the other. Nope.

Sony built a controller that is being talked about constantly. That's how you do it. Not "phone it in" that's no different than the games being phoned in and getting no awards for it. Sometimes risk taking is a benefit.

RedDevils59d ago

Sonyslave3 manage to get a PS5 in his virtual world, so calm down everyone he's just a bot.

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victorMaje60d ago

Astro’s Playroom!
Next thing you’ll start feeling is a need to find any game that has dualsense support :)

Hellcat202059d ago

It was good for Astrobot but that was the only game I enjoyed the controller on.
I turned the extra functions off once I played other games
I found it more annoying than anything.

59d ago
Hellcat202059d ago

I didn't care for the haptics on either of those games
It didn't add any more immersion to the game for me
But the 3D audio is fantastic

galmi59d ago

how dare you have an opinion against sony on here? off with his head

Silly gameAr59d ago (Edited 59d ago )


Shut up, dude. That's all you guys do is go into anything positive about Playstation, and give your negative opinions, like they're the only ones that matter.

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purple10160d ago

i got the ps5 and once youve tried that thing, it makes everything before it just seem stupid.

Sitdown60d ago

How does that comment make sense, when it's pretty much an evolution of everything before it?

60d ago
purple10159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

the haptics and triggers are slightly more than an evolution though, they add genuinely new feelings.

the mic and speaker is a nice plus, its also more comfy since its bigger, while xbox controller decreased in size a couple percent (the wrong way in my opinion)

now what would be an evolution as you say, is the usbc charging that any modern android phone has, and enlarged touchpad. the first 2 points are complete game changers

i believe GT7 will be the benchmark in racing games due to being able to feel the bumps under your tyres. on each individual tyre,!! also feel them loosing grip through the triggers, im forcasting yes, an educated guess from whats been said by the polyphony digital team, but I firmly believe this is NEW

Sitdown59d ago

The haptics and triggers didn't just come out of nowhere, it evolved from what was before it. So even if it feels genuinely new, it still was birthed out of it's predecessors.

Sayai jin59d ago

It's very cool and evolution. Enjoyed the features while playing Astro. MS is behind the power curve. I still prefer my Elite 2 better be at $180 USD.

DJStotty60d ago

Props to the Dualsense, there is no other controller like it currently on the market (at least for consoles).

The statement i was quite impressed with is "He also said Xbox Series S was no trouble at all during the development of the game."

Thought it was an obstacle?

waverider60d ago

No studio will say that is having problems before launching the game...Its business. The reality is another thing.

DJStotty60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

"No studio will say that is having problems before launching the game...Its business."

False, some studios have said that development on the Series S is difficult.

quote :

"Some developers are having difficulty optimizing their games for the Xbox Series S’s smaller memory capacity in comparison to the Xbox Series X's much more forgiving RAM (random access memory) and generally superior hardware."

Please research before making false statements

waverider60d ago

DJStotty. it not false. Some developers.... thats says it all. Studios can be bashing a product if they want to sell it. Of course that after it on the market many say why the game runs at sub1080... on a brand new machine that was sold with the idea that all games would run at 1440p/60 frames. Just another big fat lie.

DJStotty59d ago

You claimed "no studio" has said they were having problems.

It is indeed a false statement.

Even if at least 1 studio has had issues, your statement is false.

ApocalypseShadow60d ago

Not that hard when you have to make the higher spec console parity with the lower spec one. When more complex simulations and calculations get thrown at it, things will get much tougher for the half step console.

Case in point: PSVR games had to be parity across consoles. But PS4 Pro was more powerful. If Pro was allowed to let loose, the base PS4 wouldn't have been able to keep up with Pros VR games. Not without huge sacrifice to graphics. So, what do you think they did? They just made the Pro games a little shinier. But not more advanced.

I think you get it. You and others just want to ignore it.

DJStotty60d ago

"Not that hard when you have to make the higher spec console parity with the lower spec one."

Please provide proof of such "parity" in any game currently in development?

MotoGP 21 :-
Series S : Target resolution 1440p - 60fps
Series X : Dynamic 4K - 60fps

No parity there my friend?

The Series X version is on par with the PS5 version, so what your saying is the Series S is holding back the PS5? lol, fanboys are absolutely unreal these days with the amount of horse s"%t they come out with.

60d ago
outsider162460d ago

Just like every PC, if Ps5/XSX is high settings, then XS is medium.
Just lower a few settings here and there. Down a notch on resolution and viola! Xs was no trouble at all.

waverider60d ago

Again, it doesnt work like that... Ram speed, pool, bandwith and so many things like that. Its will always be a problem. One of the biggest advantages of consoles vs PC is that there is only one version of the game. The moment studios are force to waste time on doing more of one version of the game that advantage goes out the window. Even worse when the diference from the Series X to the S is like a gen....

DJStotty59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Waverider clearly does not know how API's work, and how they can scale depending on the hardware.

They do not work on more than one version, they work on the highest assets available (Series X for example) and then they can use the API tools to scale down to the Series S.

Waverider, how do you explain how Playstation get games looking really good with high assets on the PS5, yet that game is also lower quality on the PS4?

Would you say the PS5 version of that game has been held back, due to also developing a "second version" for the PS4? Or is it simply programmed primarily for the PS5, and then scaled down to PS4?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter, you seem like you know a great deal about console game development.

A brief look at Direct 3D 12 API, and features available to developers :-

Quote :

"Feature levels allow streamlining of application code while encouraging adoption of new hardware capabilities. They’re a convenient way for applications to make sense of generational improvements to GPUs which occur over time. A coarse grouping of GPU capabilities is something that applications can easily base their rendering paradigms on, rather than lots of permutations of individual capabilities."

PS (before the argument "this is for PC lolz") Xbox Series S and X Direct 3D API supports the full toolset of Direct 3D 12_2 (DirectX12.2)

Source :

Orchard59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

“One of the biggest advantages of consoles vs PC is that there is only one version of the game.”

That hasn’t been true for a long time. PS4 Pro and XB1X exist.

Graphics scale easily as does memory use related to graphics, CPU tasks do not. Fortunately the CPU in S is close to the X and powerful (more powerful than the PS5 CPU actually...)

Like DJStotty said, programmers aren’t hitting bare metal, they’re going through API’s like DX12 which make this a lot easier.

This really isn’t a big deal. Devs have been scaling games on PC and console for a while.

DOMination-60d ago

That controller will come in handy when the Spiderman remake launches in 2026

60d ago
RazzerRedux59d ago

I know you are trolling, but controllers will typically be "handy" with just about any game.

chiefJohn11759d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Lmao, I see you got jokes

Einhander197160d ago

Great news have both systems:)

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