Resident Evil Village: Exclusive Look At How Upgrades Work

Game Informer: "We take a in-depth look at how players will be upgrading both Ethan Winters and the weapons he carries in this exclusive video!"

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VerminSC33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I’m really digging the aesthetic of the upgrade and recipes menus. I also like the merchant idea. The enemies and environment is giving me major Bloodborne vibes, which is awesome!

BigBosss33d ago

Resident Evil 4 and Bloodborne vibe for sure!

sourOG33d ago

This and biomutant in the same month is top tier shit for me.

Orchard33d ago

This game looks awesome, the inventory/upgrade system gives me pleasant throwbacks to RE4.

VTKC33d ago

Is that picture of Ethan captured and been living with Vampire lady for awhile?