DF Direct: PS5 April System Update Tested. PS5 Games Can Now Be Backed Up

Digital Foundry : The first big PlayStation 5 system update has arrived and *finally* it's possible to archive off PS5 games to external storage. But there's actually a bunch more useful features added - some revealed by Sony in pre-release PR, others that are a little more surprising. John and Rich discuss.

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darthv7223d ago

lots of good stuff there. And on a side note, I finally beat the bots and secured a PS5 (bundle) from Gamestop. Cost me $788 but hey... I got one. Now I just have to wait for it to arrive.

Jin_Sakai23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Glad you was finally able to get a PS5!

The update is pretty good. There’s still no internal SSD or VRR support which is disappointing.

darthv7223d ago

Oh man... I cant wait until that SSD expansion is activated. I got my eye on a nice 2tb drive and plan on using my external 4tb game drive for all ps4 games like i do now. I like the idea of just unplugging that one from my pro and then plugging it into this once i get it.

dumahim23d ago

Funny thing is, I'm still waiting for Sony to update my TV to support VRR there as well.

Bennibop23d ago

Bet will come around the same time as it launches on Sony TV's.

Thundercat7723d ago

I got the same bundle and it arrived last week. It cost me a lot but I am really happy to finally have my PS5. Now I am preparing to sell my PS4 with all physical games and make a payment with that money to my credit card.

darthv7223d ago

I didnt really need the spider man and CoD games but figured i can give me son my pro and copy of SM:MM that i had on ps4. He has been bugging me about getting a pro to upgrade from his slim, Im sure he will like this. And having an extra controller isnt a bad thing given the reports about drift and all.

Cant wait to plug my game drive into it and try out some of the ps4 games in enhanced performance mode. Esp god of war and days gone.

Thundercat7723d ago

Days Gone looks marvelous on PS5.

Phoenix7623d ago

I had a slight drift issue when trying out CP2077. The solution I found was to press the small reset button on the back of the ps5 controller for a factory reset.
Now drift issues are gone. If you have the same problem, give that a try.

BenRC0123d ago

Great! Now you can play old ps4 games you've already completed just like me.
Have discovered overwatch though (4yrs late) which I'm really enjoying.

darthv7223d ago

I'll be honest... i havent completed them. I have started dozens of games but never get around to finishing them due to time and other games coming along to take my attention.

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Thundercat7723d ago

Very happy to have this new option. Now I can move PS5 games to the external drive and bring them back to the SSD when ready to play them.

Neonridr23d ago

I wonder how much time it saves copying it back to the HD vs a fresh install.

dumahim23d ago

Depends on your internet speeds, but they showed a couple tests moving the games off the system to external. I think another, more in-depth video is coming soon.

StoneyYoshi23d ago

Less time compared to downloading in most cases. They tested and it came out to about 7 minutes for the one they tested and 3 other games totaled to like 22 for them all at once. Its pretty on point with its exchange rate at least when using an SSD like they did. I cant speak for external HDD's.

Neonridr22d ago

I wasn't referring to downloading games. I'm talking about installing from the disc to the system vs keeping the install on an external and then copying it back. Is it that much quicker.

Thundercat7720d ago

I don't know and a difference of minutes is not something I'm going to complaint about.

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TGGJustin23d ago

Yeah this was the feature I've been waiting for. The Series X had it since launch. It's been hard to have space on my PS5 especially since I like to keep COD on it and that's 200+GB. That would take me hours to download again if I deleted it. Now I can just move it off and back much faster when I want to play it. I prefer it over a SSD solution because those cost too much. I'm not paying $200+ for a 1TB SSD that lets me play the games over paying $100 something for an 8TB HDD that I only have to wait a short time to move a game back.

StoneyYoshi23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

SATA SSD's aren't nearly as expensive as you are saying. I just ordered a 1TB 860 EVO Samsung SSD for $99 to increase my PC storage. And a 2TB 860 EVO right now is $199 on amazon. You cant compare DF's speed tests in this video since they are using an SSD. Transfer speeds wont be as fast when using a HDD.

BenRC0123d ago

No time to watch atm, is the hdr improved?

StoneyYoshi23d ago

You can now choose to have it only turn on when the game or video is supported now.