Massively: The Daily Grind: Your favorite MMO machinima?

It seems like no matter what game you play, there's probably machinima for it out there. One can find funny videos about characters trying not to get deleted; short horror films that creep you out; well-known dance extravaganzas that kind of stretch what's actually in your game; and full-length movies that combine games to achieve their effect. Machinima artists offer us a great deal of freely available entertainment. As Massively is always on the lookout for something fun to watch during lunch around the virtual Massively offices, this morning they thought they'd ask what some of your favorite MMO machinima are? What makes a good MMO machinima to you? Is it technical ability, story-line, or are you fond of catchy songs that combine great games as we have in the above example from Baron Soosdon?

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