The werewolves in Resident Evil Village are the most capable opponents of the entire series

Game Informer magazine has relayed a range of new information about Resident Evil Village that sounds promising to fans of Capcom’s horror series.

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Sonic-and-Crash25d ago

and the most ridiculous simultaneously....

VTKC25d ago

Can they move as fast as Albert Wesker? Dodging bullets from RE5?

Dandizzle25d ago

Most capable enemy is Nemesis, do warewolves chase you through walls with a bazooka? Maybe most capable regular enemy....? Warewolves are just a reskinned licker with some new AI move sets.

CrimsonWing6925d ago

"For example, the Lycans know how to camouflage themselves in order to catch a player, and they behave differently depending on whether they are alone or in a pack. They are able to climb walls, and can run fast on all fours. Sometimes we will have to hide from them, and we will have the option of barricading houses, much like in Resident Evil 4."

I don't remember lickers doing all that or having to deal with them similarly...

ghostrider3224d ago

Lickers were blind, and attacked using their heightened hearing. Werewolves according to the article are gonna be far more dangerous.

Binarycode25d ago

Still a crossgen game, Hopefully still runs well on base ps4 etc.

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