Ubisoft Announce gTV Gaming Channel; Launches Tomorrow

Ubisoft are launching an online gaming-centred entertainment channel across the web's most used platforms. gTV won't just cover Ubisoft content either.

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zacfoldor25d ago

Sweet, will they report on Nintendo stuff too?

I remember the days of G4 Tech TV, lol.

PrimeVinister25d ago

They don't mention anything specific TBH
Just they they cover all gaming stuff, not just Ubistuff so I imagine there will be Nintendo content. It wouldn't do well if they ignored such a huge market.

Magog25d ago

Is that their crew? They look embarrassing.

WithoutTheJamIn25d ago

Making sure they’re ticking those diversity boxes 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

Magog25d ago

Unprofessional and low budget.

Magog25d ago

They look like T-mobile employees doing a team builder exercise.


Nah, pass on that crap. I'm waiting for G4TV to come back, it should be sometime this year, and they are bringing back X-Play 😁👍🎮.


Indeed. I hope he comes back, along with Morgan Webb 😁

anast25d ago

This won't last long. They will probably try to figure out how to stuff MTs in there.

Dixiedevil25d ago

What an absolute massive waste of company resources. I wonder how much money they’re flushing down the toilet with this. Are they partnering with Stadia for global domination of the gaming market?