Crispy Gamer: Killzone 2 Fights the Good Fight

Crispy Gamer writes:

"I'd been warned about Amsterdam, about the prostitutes near the canals, each in street-level windows, fighting for attention. But it wasn't them. And sure, there were the drugs in cafés, from hash to White Widow pot. But it wasn't them, either. What I really had to watch out for in this glorious 12th-century city were the people on bicycles, seemingly aiming their vehicles at wanderers such as myself.

In this complex small city of Eucharistic miracles and live sex shows, the one thing I didn't think I wanted to see was the reason Sony took a group to Amsterdam in the first place: Killzone 2."

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February can't come soon enough. beta also ends Sunday :( ..

Dark General3698d ago

That was a great preview read.