Rare Malware Only Targets Firefox

One of the advantages with Firefox that has helped it move up in market share is the perception of a more secure browser over Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Whether or not IE has managed to level the security playing field is a topic for another post, but there's at least one new piece of malware specifically designed to go after just Firefox users.

Researchers at BitDefender discovered the nasty piece of code, which they're calling Trojan.PWS.Chromelnject.A. According to Viorel Canja, the head of BitDefender's lab, the new malware resides in Firefox's add-ons folder and uses JavaScript to harvest financial information.

"Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A filters data sent by the user to over 100 online banking websites," BitDefender warned in a press release. "The banking websites include:,,,,, and"

One the malware identifies one of the websites, it records the user's login information and forwards it along to a server in Russia, and not for safe keeping.

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Gun_Senshi3696d ago

let me guess microsoft mad ethis malware

Bladestar3696d ago

and I guess Apple, Linux and firefox made all viruses and malware that target IE....

lol! What did people think that the fact that Firefox security was because it over smart the hackers of the world? The only advantage that browser with smaller marketshare have in terms of security is that they are so irrelevant that hackers do not bother targetting it.

But as firefox marketshare increase... they will become a target and the advantage that they once had... will be gone. And they will have to play hard ball like Microsoft is being doing over the years...

Gun_Senshi3696d ago

EVERYONE knows how much dirty tactics M$ uses you don't need to be sherlock