Our Improved PlayStation 5 Packaging

From Sony: "Over the last 50 years plastic use worldwide has increased around twentyfold, but recycling rates remain low at around 9%.1 This has contributed to increased pollution of the world’s oceans, a matter of growing urgent concern. Action is needed now to reverse course and protect endangered marine ecosystems. That’s why, in 2020, Sony Corporation established the “Green Management 2025” plan following on from its launch of the “One Blue Ocean Project”. This includes a commitment to eliminate plastic use in newly designed small product packaging by 2025, and reduce the quantity of plastic packaging by 10% for other products. Today, we want to tell you more about our progress at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and why the newly launched PlayStation 5 console packaging might look different compared to previous PlayStation packaging."

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bestofyou106d ago

Prefer the old packaging it lasted longer. I liked to keep the packaging from my consoles to put them back in once retired. My PS3 went back in it's box to protect it, my PS4 is being used by my kids for now but one day it will go back in the box.

The PS5 box especially the outside cover is weak and tears easily. Which ruins the package when you are trying to keep it.

Nitrowolf2106d ago

i agree, but at least they explained why it's like this

isarai106d ago

Having fancy packaging is nice, but I'd rather it be more eco friendly. If NES/SNES/N64 games taught me anything, it's that if you take care of it, even cardstock boxes can survive time

bestofyou106d ago

Huh it's like didn't say the box started to tear just opening it. You think I wasn't taking care of it? I just said I collect them, I was being careful. It's made of cheap recycled crap, and just like most recycled materials it's junk and doesn't last.

arkard106d ago

Very very few people collect packaging and 99% of it gets trashed. It doesn't need to do anything more then get a product safely from production to the consumer, and if they can do that with recycled products then great. Sorry your collection has to suffer to protect the planet.

Army_of_Darkness106d ago

@arkard - "Sorry your collection has to suffer to protect the planet."

🤣🤣 That comment killed me bro! Some people are just to narrow minded to see outside the box 😏

RomanPSX106d ago

Who cares about the packaging. Console out and recycle the box.

bestofyou106d ago

Recycle the box....Why? When I want to save it for storing the console in later? Just like other collectors that save the packaging for stuff. Also it's good if you have to move and need something safe to store it in.

outsider1624106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

I keep it, always stored in the attic. When i sell it i give away in the brand new.

DJStotty105d ago

What if it has a fault and you need to return? what do you send it back in? plastic packaging?

XbladeTeddy106d ago

@bestofyou: Of course everyone prefers the old style that lasts but this situation is not about us, it's about the entire planet. I applaud Sony for doing this. I'm sorry you have to sacrifice the condition of your box to help save the entire planet for future generations.

bestofyou106d ago

Oh please, save it for the tree hunger forms.

XbladeTeddy106d ago

@bestofyou: I don't hug trees I just realise the world doesn't revolve around me and sometimes we have to sacrifice.

Eonjay106d ago


Give it up, some people are so self absorbed, they don't even realize that the very universe doesn't revolve around them. In this case, yes 90% of people don't keep the packaging... so clearly, the best case for everyone is to make it eco friendly. Of the 10% who might want to keep it, 9.99% don't care. That remaining .01% will shout foul from the rooftops and they do not give a damn about anything that you have to say about the planet or anyone else for that matter. You are wasting your time. They will never care about anyone else but themselves. Its not who they are.

abeosaa106d ago

@bestofyou Your comments stink of entitlement, the world is moving on.

DJStotty105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


I'm guessing your from the generation that introduced plastic packaging into todays "planet". It always seems to be the culprits, that beat the drum of "save the planet".

When i was younger, plastic packaging did not exist, society was more eco friendly in the 90's than it is now.

Stopping plastic in the oceans only protects sea life, it does nothing to the "planet".

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F0XH0UND922106d ago

What a cry baby. I've never seen someone so adamantly whine about console packaging, and then make fun of people for trying to care about the environment. What a joke lol

Babadook7105d ago

“ especially the outside cover is weak and tears easily.”

Haha. Yup. I just taped my outer box and it’s basically perfect again.

Knushwood Butt105d ago

I managed to get mine out of the box without tearing it.

I also keep my packaging.

Glad they are using more recyclable materials.

For example, the Dualshock 3 boxes were horrible plastic that you couldn't even reseal after opening them (and I still have them too).

bestofyou105d ago

I'm going to go burn some plastic bags and rubber just for fun. I'd tell that to her over entitled face.

StoneyYoshi105d ago


You don't need the outside cover to put the PS5 back in the box. It just wont have the flashy outer layer that does nothing to protect the actual box the PS5 is in... I get you want the whole package in tact but we don't all get what we want now do we? Theres people trying so hard to get a PS5. Be grateful you even have one right now. I for one had no issues keeping my box and outer layer in tact and I wasn't being very careful when opening it up either. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Maybe if you are lucky, you can get a replacement outer layer when a local friend of yours gets a PS5 and doesn't want to keep the packaging.

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Very nice Sony but unfortunately most of your customers can't even get a PS5 to check out the packaging for themselves.

MaximusPrime_106d ago

don't blame sony, blame the scalpers.


I wasn't blaming anyone just stating a fact. I myself am lucky enough to have two PS5 consoles but alot of people can't get one for a number of reasons...

Aquafiniac106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Why does it matter right now, both series X and PS5 is hard to get because of the pandemic.
The only thing available is the series s, which you can get really easy. PS5 has sold 7 million already faster then the PS4 in the same time frame, so I think the availability isn’t as bad as you people make it out to be.
And plus you have 2 so why are you complaining lol.


Show me where I was complaining...I made a comment there's a difference.

Aussiesummer105d ago

Availability isn't an issue if you want to pay double to a bloody scalper.

bunt-custardly105d ago

So how come I can't get one then in the UK?

isarai105d ago

Dude, like I love gaming, I mean I LOOOOVE gaming. Playstation has almost always been my primary platform, but as a current PS5 owner, you're seriously not missing out on much. Like there's great games in Astrobot, Spiderman MM, Demon's Souls and games with free upgrades.

But even trying to stretch things by diving into replaying PS4 games with enhancements, I still haven't played anything on it for weeks. I had like two really good weeks with it, then ran out of things to play and i'm pretty much just waiting for more games to release. Later half of this year looks like things are picking up, but covid makes everything unsure so we'll see.

So don't feel too beat up about it till we start getting a steady stream of games again, which isn't now imo.

Fist4achin105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Still haven't seen one in the wild. Good thing is that the have plenty of patience for something like this and a healthy backlog.

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Hellcat2020106d ago

The packaging lasted 2 minutes in my home
All I gave a shit about was the contents inside

Teflon02106d ago

Yup it gets thrown out after being in the closet for like a year anyways for me. So I like the eco friendly stuff. Less waste. But I have to say, if I had a series X, I'd probably keep that box because it looks premium af. Design is cool.

Kurt Russell105d ago

Series X was a nice exciting unboxing for sure. But, once you've done it once it just ends up in the attic or in the bin like any other product. If I had to give up a slightly premium unboxing experience in favour of sustainability, I'll happily do that.

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