Nintendo Needs to Hop On the Fortnite Battle Bus

From IGN: "Aloy joins fellow Sony mascot Kratos and Microsoft's Master Chief from Halo in Fortnite, and it seems like Nintendo is the only one of the big three console makers not joining the party. With Fortnite turning into a hub for pop culture references across all forms of media (they've got Travis Scott AND John Wick), it only makes sense that one of Nintendo's characters shows up. But who would be the best fit? Link? Mario? We think Samus makes the most sense, but Nintendo has dozens of recognizable characters to throw into the fray. Who's your pick? Let us know in the comments!"

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garos8231d ago

Nintendo doesnt need to do a damn thing

iplay1up231d ago

I would love to finish in first place as metal Mario!

andron30d ago

Nah, don't think they want to cheapen their brand. No need...

Gameseeker_Frampt30d ago

If Fortnite cheapens one's brand, how cheap is Nintendo now after they released a special Fortnite Switch bundle?

andron30d ago

They do all sorts of bundles. That's not the issue.

I think Nintys brand games like Mario and co would be cheapened by their inclusion in Fortnite. Ninty are very protective of their ip's and won't let just anyone do something that could damage their reputation.

Gameseeker_Frampt30d ago

Obviously you never played Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Or Hey Pikmin. Or Yoshi's New Island. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash. Star Fox Zero. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. Nintendo is perfectly capable of letting others or themselves cheapen their IPs.

Did you also think Nintendo cheapened their IP when Diablo 3 had Legend of Zelda items added to the game? Starlink Battle for Atlas? Skyrim? Scribblenauts Unlimited? Rayman Legends? Soul Caliber 2 (which most feel that the Gamecube version of the game was the best because Link was in it)?

It is amusing that you think that Nintendo going through the effort of making a special edition Fortnite Switch - something they don't do for most of their 1st-party games - doesn't cheapen their brand but having a Nintendo character in the same game does cheapen Nintendo.

andron29d ago

Obviously Nintys position isn't rational, they have done collaborations before. I'm just saying they are rather specific as to what kind of games they will let their ip appear in.

blitzburns430d ago

Epic Games sucks. They're the spoiled milk of the Gaming Industry.