Fans Build 3D Sonic Game In Dreams, And It Looks Fantastic

Luke Plunkett: "There are two tiers of Dreams experience. I know I’ve played it, and tried to build things, but then I see what other people can do with it and I wonder if we were even playing the same thing."

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Snookies1234d ago

Why does this look better than most official 3D Sonic games? This seriously made me want to hop back into Dreams haha.

isarai33d ago

Fans have been going h.a.m. on sonic prototypes the past few years(like sonic infinity) leaves me absolutely baffled Sega isn't taking note and releasing SOMETHING like these games and mechanics fans have been developing. Like they're doing all the work for you, just take it lol

Duke1933d ago

Holy hell well done. Why can’t we just get a full remaster of Adventure already

garos8233d ago

more people need to buy and play Dreams. That is all

Outlawzz33d ago

Well this sonic is looking better than forces. Finally sega listening to the fans! Wait.......