Top 15 RPG's of all time

The definitive list of the greatest RPG's of all time combining the best of the old with the best of the new.

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Stoneroses63003700d ago

Quality article. Wanted Secret of Mana to be #1, but good anyways.

Swedenborg3700d ago

Zelda is an adventure game you clown.

MountainMaverick3700d ago

Secret of Mana is a top 10. Def not number 1 though. Story wasnt that good.

Bonsai12143700d ago

there were so many typos in that article..

anyways, i maintain that FFIII is the best rpg ever. i should give chrono trigger another chance though.

Fallen_Angel3700d ago

Why is chrono cross on that list its one of the worse rpg's I ever played, why did they put down daiblo 1 and BG 1 over part over those games part 2. That was waaaaaaaaay better then the 1st of both games. They gave FF games like 5 places on the list and left out great games like zelda, lunar, 7th saga and lufia

Flipgeneral3700d ago

imo Xenogears should be in the top 5 (just my opinion). Amazing story coupled with a fun interactive combat system made that game a classic in my eyes.

Gun_Senshi3700d ago

yes yes we know the best rpg you ever played it halo.

DDP3700d ago

Are you kidding me? Chrono Cross was amazing.

Bonsai12143700d ago

i can't believe i forgot about Lunar!!! SSSC is one of my favorite games of all time.

tinydancer3700d ago

Lunar was great. Need to make a top 50 list

INehalemEXI3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

bubbles for mentioning 7th saga that game never gets the attention it deserved.

Zeromage, I saw your responsible for that list...It needs work IMO.


Shadow Run (SNES/Genesis)

Betrayal at Krondor PC

Super Mario RPG

Legend of Dragoon


Star Ocean 3 till the end of time (yes that 1)

The Wheel of Time PC

FF7 at #12 /sigh only reason it could be at 12 is because someone was mad it gets so much love.

funkeystu3699d ago

Agree with Baldurs Gate II being an improvement on I.
In the screenshot they're playing the BGI story (they're standing just outside Candlekeep) in the BGII engine (probably though a mod like TuTu or BGTrilogy)

Not the greatest article imho - no fallout and no planescape in a top-rpg's list just doesnt seem right (especially when neverwinter nights is on there).

kevnb3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

they must of meant the real ff2, the one that was not originally released in North America. But kudos for rating FFVII correctly, even though I think Chrono Cross should be higher on the list (being a sequel to the best game of all time is hard).

Fallen_Angel3699d ago

IDemonstalkerXI I love 7th saga still got my copy of that game too.

Legend of Dragoon was another great on cant believe I forgot about that one.

Panzer Dragoon Saga is another great rpg that should of been on that list

My person list in no real order probably be

1 Xenogears
2 Chrono Trigger
3 Final Fantasy 7
4 Baldur’s Gate 2
5 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
6 Illusion of Gaia
7 Lunar SSSC
8 Legend of Dragoon
9 Panzer Dragoon Saga
10 7th Saga
11 Daiblo 2
12 Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
13 Lufia 2
14 Parasite Eve
15 Final Fantasy Tactics
16 Skies of Arcadia (couldnt leave that one out)

Nineball21123699d ago

That was a good list. I really enjoyed Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, and Diablo.

And I had totally forgotten about Illusion of Gaia! It's been so long since I've even thought about that game!

Good list!

rockleex3698d ago

And why isn't Xenogears in the top 5?!!? >_<

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Tawnokoi3700d ago

They're action/adventure games, not RPGs.

Stoneroses63003700d ago

SEcret of Mana should have been #1. it's sequel should have been on here also

Hixon4Life3700d ago

FF3 has got to be number 1

RKRigney3700d ago

You're probably talking about what is in reality FFVI...

-GametimeUK-3700d ago

FF6 lol

If FF7 isnt number 1 the list is wrong

(edit) just checked the list is wrong

Son of Odin3700d ago

FF3, FF6. Whatever the hell it is. Probably the greatest game of all time

Hixon4Life3700d ago

If FF3 isnt #1. the list sucks

Swedenborg3700d ago

Hixon, your an idiot. Go away

Gue13700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Why people keep calling FFVI, 3?

Anyway, they included Illusion of Gaia and that surprise me but Terranigma was better... Well I don't know, both were too awesome! Decent list but, there are better Jrpg's like Dragon Warrior, Shining Force III, Suikoden II, Bahamut Lagoon, . And what about Dragon Force?

FFVII is not even that good, that game just had a lot of luck like Zelda OOT that made the transition from 2.5D to 3-D when everybody was tired of the low res sprites from the Snes and FFI used ideas from the first Zelda(nes) and for that I don't consider it one of the best ever. Chrono Cross is too confusing and boring... But the other are good choices.

Xenogears = the best of the best
Chrono Trigger = the best of the best
Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma = the best of the best
FFVI and FFIV = the best of the best
Secret of Mana = the best of the best
-Soul Blazer = not that good

The rest well, I don't play those kind of rpg