PSP 5G - What We Want From A Next Generation PlayStation Handheld

Sony released the first PlayStation Portable in 2004/2005, with the PS Vita releasing seven years later in 2011/2012. It would only make sense that if Sony were to enter the handheld market again, 2022 or 2023 would be the year. Perhaps they’ve just been waiting for 5G network infrastructure to catch up, as launching a new handheld that downloads or streams games and other media over 5G seems to be the future if the mobile market is any indicator.

So what would be the system specs, price, and software features of a new Sony PSP include? That’s what we’re here to speculate. Since information about the potential PSP 5G is still pretty scarce, this article will be pure conjecture. The information here is based on what’s currently available in the market and what leaps we’ve seen from the original PSP to the PS Vita and advances in other handheld devices like smartphones and Nintendo’s Switch.

ApocalypseShadow962d ago

Waste of time speculating. That ship has sailed. PS5, AR and VR technologies will be their focus in my opinion. Releasing a new portable is an uphill battle against Nintendo, cellphones, tablets and the new AR and VR technologies that will be coming out. Sony should go where there is market GROWTH POTENTIAL. Not market SATURATION.

Only reason they would ever jump back in would be to try and capture the Japanese market. And since you mentioned streaming, sure. That makes sense. Being that today's gamers shun paying for high quality games. What's the chance that gamers will be buying $50-$60 portable games? They'd only jump in if it's a subscription that plays games from every PlayStation era on the go for $10-$15 a month. And partner with Nvidia? Lol. Great tech. Massive price gouging company. Sony and Microsoft learned the hard way. That's why AMD is being used for consoles and not Nvidia tech.

Nope. Concentrate on selling PS5. Make a VR headset that has passthrough cameras for AR games that's powered by PS5. One of Vita's strengths was AR games. Let the VR headset have that same feature but better implemented. Make flat games capable of being played in 3D on the headset. And since headsets separate each eye, it will be true 3D. Also, bring back 3D Blu-ray movies on PS5 with an update like they did with PS4 3D update for movies. And, Stream games over 5G to PS5. That's every generation from PS1 to PS5. Done.

Make PS5 the center. With flat games capable of 3D on the next headset, AR and VR games on the next headset and streaming all generations of PlayStation on PS5 and the headset. With Sony's ENTIRE FOCUS on PS5.

Jpinter962d ago

Good input. I think the PS5 should be Sony’s main focus although I think a new handheld wouldn’t be bad either. If the new device was digital only and used a game subscription service, I think there’s a market for it.

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XiNatsuDragnel962d ago

PSVR3 and PSAR is the way to go.

purple101961d ago

i think this snapdragon 888 chip comming soon in top end phones would easily run vita games, i think sony should make vita games exclusive to their experia line, add in a game controller attachment, and jobs a gud'n

iplay1up2961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

Uh, if you have a smartphone less than 6 years old it could EASILY run vita games! If you have a smartphone less than 4 years old it could run Switch games!

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ABizzel1961d ago

It's already in phones.

If anything they just need to make a PS gaming tablet in 2 - 4 years, that uses a higher-end 3nm version of Snapdragon, with a proper cooling system, built-in controls + DualSense controller support, HDMI-out, that can be sold at phone carriers.

That way they can get away with maxing out the hardware and performance making it near XBO / PS4 in performance with a better CPU, 16GB LPDDR5 (for PS5 cross-games), 1TB with near NVMe like speeds for storage, but also being able to ask for $999 since it will be tied to a tablet phone plan for 2 years, and offer unlimited 5G ($41.67/mo + line cost). Of course, have a wifi version for $699 or so with only 256GB internal (microSD support).

There are a lot of other things they'd have to do to make sure it's successful, but the hardware part is the easiest thing to solve.

andy85961d ago

Honestly if it got some high quality games I'd still be for it. That was mostly the Vita's issue. It had a few to start then support for it died a death. It was ahead of its time too

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Limitedtimestruggle961d ago

That will be mobile gaming thank you. I'm not touching that though.

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PlayStation To Delete A Ton Of TV Shows Users Already Paid For

Sony says Mythbusters and more Discovery TV shows are going away whether you bought them or not.

darthv7214h ago

they have no choice... Its the content holders decision and I'd assume this will affect other services as well.

just_looken6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Not the point they did this in the past and continue to take your money without the end user knowing its not a purchase but a rental. If this was a video game like the all mighty spiderman everyone would flip there shit


Marvel buys spiderman ip pulls every game from ps5 makes it multiplat "remaster" version every sony cult member would riot LOL

Obscure_Observer6h ago

"Marvel buys spiderman ip pulls every game from ps5 makes it multiplat "remaster" version every sony cult member would riot LOL"


MrBeatdown5h ago

"without the end user knowing its not a purchase but a rental."

How dumb do you have to be to not realize the servers for whatever random thing you buy digitally won't be around until the end of time? I know I ain't passing down my Vudu account to my grand kids.

Gamingsince19814h ago

People don't realise that digital content isn't permanent and you never own it ??? Weird because it's in the tos.

javiel2211m ago(Edited 10m ago)

No that is the point and your comment is nothing but trolling from an MS cult member becasue you're salty af about Spider-Man. FYI all your gamepass games are rentals, moron.

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shadowT5h ago

No, Phil Spencer would solve this issue by buying Warner.

DarXyde14m ago

Affect others? Very likely. It starts with Sony, but I doubt they'll be the last.

This right here from the article gets to me:

“Is there a way I can save this content?” asked one panicked PlayStation user on Reddit. “I use PS4...But I have bought many seasons of shows such as Dual Survival that I do not wish to lose. I was actually under the impression since I owned it, I wouldn’t ever lose it…”

This is a substantial concern of mine. There are many people who make digital purchases and because they have not been inconvenienced by what licensing entails in comparison to ownership (yet), there's a passive acceptance of this happening—likely, they don't know. It's easy to say they should have read the ToS, but I think Sony owes those users store credit *at minimum*.

If people are content with throwing money at things where a merger could light that money on fire, have at it. But companies NEED to do a better job of informing people and they REALLY need to drop the price of digital purchases. You do NOT have the same rights and access as physical media holders and that needs to be reflected in the pricing. $30-40 seems appropriate. What's worse, you're restricted to PSN pricing schemes, so they can lower prices at a Nintendo pace.

I feel bad for owners of the original PS5DE, but I'll give Sony some credit for allowing slim DE owners a means of adopting physical media now. It's a way to address a growing concern, but I still contend the general public knows very little about digital purchases.

Snookies1214h ago

*cough* physical media *cough* Granted, these days I buy most media digitally. But, this is why physical media should NEVER go away.

just_looken22m ago

But it has australia and now new zeland no longer have them and every walmart/bestbuy in north America is getting rid of them.

I have recently seen the old code in a box when you buy a movie now.



Chocoburger12h ago

I hate how digital rights are handled, and hope physical media doesn't go away (at least in my life time). Fortunately I know better than to purchase TV shows and movies digitally.

Mulando1h ago

Physical media goes away after about 20-30 years because the media degrades

Chocoburger1h ago

We don't know that for sure, 41 year old game tapes on the Spectrum still work to this day. No one knows how long blu-rays will last.
Furthermore, your own physical media is easier to back up onto a hard drive, and from an old hard drive to newer hard drives as the decades wear on.