Ten indie games that need to come to Stadia in 2021

Stadia has already shown they’re committed to supporting indie game developers with their Stadia Makers program. This allows new and existing indie developers to bring their games to the platform.

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SullysCigar27d ago

Stadia? WTH, did we go back in time? Lol

Doomster197127d ago

lol. I don't think so. There's a huge Stadia community. They are big on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Reditt. More and more people are getting into Stadia. I did, once I found out how bad the PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 was (I got the free Stadia kit with it too). It looks like it's going to get bigger, what with the New Gen console shortage and big games like the new RE etc coming out on the platform.

Terry_B27d ago

I am in a couple big Gaming Groups on Facebook and absolutely nobody there talks about Stadia except for Jokes.

Doomster197127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@ Terry_B I'm in quite a few too. Most of them are the same (for the most part). There are quite a few Stadia groups though. A really big one on Reditt.

Kaii27d ago

Don't we need a better Internet structure worldwide to begin these types of investments into ideas that sound good on paper, but implemented awfully >.<

Doomster197127d ago

Yeah. We do. I don't play Stadia that often, but I do use it and I use Ge-Force Now also (as well as PS4, Xbone, PS3 etc). I get excellent results on my connection. It's an unlimited full fibre line though, so I should. I don't notice any input lag while using the Stadia controller. I notice it a little while using Stadia with the mouse and keyboard on my laptop (but it's not bad). I used to notice little bit of input lag on Ge-Force Now, but it's been unnoticeable to me this past week. Nvidia announced not long ago that they were implementing something on their end to reduce it. Whatever it was it seems to have worked.

SegaSaturn66927d ago

Unfortunately, due to the 8000ms delay, many of these will not work.

Doomster197127d ago

I count myself lucky. I have an unlimited full fibre line. 10ms is as high as mine goes.