Fake Consoles Cause Christmas Danger


"Hundreds of potentially dangerous counterfeit Nintendo consoles were recently seized in the UK.

Hold your horses! A crate armed with highly explosive Nintendo Wii consoles was not on its way to UK shores. Instead, hundreds of counterfeit Nintendo DS's supplied with potentially dangerous power adaptors, were seized at UK freight depots."

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Gun_Senshi3694d ago

I saw an advert on local magazine of a fake Wii named Mee

riksweeney3694d ago

I saw loads of them in Borneo, the logo and packaging (and I think the console itself) is exactly the same as the Wii's except it's called a Mee.

As far as I can remember it's just one of those 20 in 1 variations of tetris, pong and break out.

mikeslemonade3694d ago

Why am I not shocked? This type of thing was bound to happen. It's just corrupt commpanys trying to trick the people who aren't in the know.

techie3694d ago

Danger Danger! This was on the BBC news :O

Microsoft Xbox 3603694d ago

Fake 360 consoles have better reliability than me.

riksweeney3694d ago

Anyone remember the horror stories in the UK of the knock off Sega Megadrives that would catch fire and literally melt into the carpet? All the parents were going mental and calling Sega irresponsible and Sega just told them to stop buying ripped off merchandise.

BigFART3694d ago

After reading the headline, I thought maybe they were talking about the 360...;)

InMyOpinion3694d ago

For some reason I came to think of those Blu-Ray players that are disguised as consoles ;)

techie3694d ago

Sounds like you two need to go on a date.

BigFart and Jenzo - cute.

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