Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Reveals New Screenshots, Characters, Voice Actors, & Details

Square Enix announced the voice actors working on Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and provided new images and gameplay details.

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Knightofelemia33d ago

Still pissed PS4 owners like me are getting screwed out of this because a PS5 is hard to find

jambola32d ago

i don't even mind that it's hard to find
i jut don't want a ps5 yet and refuse to buy one just for a dlc

elazz33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Does anybody know if you can buy an upgrade for the PS Plus version?
Tried playing it but would rather wait for 60fps.

Abriael33d ago

As far as I know, you can't

Asuka33d ago

No I believe there was a disclaimer that stated the PS Plus version was exempt from the upgrade and the dlc.


Release it for PC already!

SDuck33d ago

I'm expecting it to come alongside this DLC but their exclusivity contract with Sony prevented them from revealing that. If I'm not wrong, it ends around this time so I'm hopeful they're about to announce it

Thundercat7733d ago

FF7 Remake PS4 check ☑
PS5 check ☑

I'm ready and waiting for you Yuffie!

Babadook733d ago

Yup. Me too. And having a PS5 has been great during present lockdowns in my country.

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