What I Hate About Fanboys Part 2

Jimmy the Greek writes, "If you fervently defend an overweight italian plumber who sounds like a stroke victim with, "well you apparently didn't play a certain one of his games," you are using typical fanboy speak. If you've recenlty used the phrase "I just pwned a n00b," you aren't a fanboy, you're just a moron two years behind pop culture..."

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bgrundman3695d ago

This articulates what I have been saying for years!

Jimmy the Greek3695d ago

its hard work being such an angry man

bgrundman3695d ago

But anger if channeled properly can be so effective


I hate fanboys as well..

Give bubbles if u feel the same way.

bgrundman3695d ago

Right back at ya! Bubbles all around.

XxZxX3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I'm a fanboy and I'm not afraid to admit it unlike most N4G in-denial fanboy here.

Guess what? we hate you too, Neutrality is for the wussy.

WANNA GET HIGH, need bubbles so badly, pull this kinda stunt and hoping people can return a favor?

RememberThe3573695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

"I just pwnd a n00b yo!" lol

I hate me too. I say such stupid things. And what is up with the love fest for suck a quality product? I mean come on! Stupid me...

EDIT: lol I love that phrase: "I just pwnd a n00b". lol Every time a say it I laugh. "I just pwnd a n00b" lol.

Algonath3695d ago

yes i hate them sooo much. And guess what, basically we are ALL fanboys, including me. If you say your not a fanboy, then your a ****in denial piece of s*** no good ******* ***** ****** *** *******!! Deny all you want, your only hurting yourself. ***.

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bgrundman3695d ago

People are too quick to try to judge things. I am curious if this gets dismissed outright because people don't take the time to think before they type.


Every one who is not a fan boy gets a bubble from me... :)

JimmyJames703695d ago

Fanboys make me laugh. They are like clowns. They amuse me.

bgrundman3695d ago

Which fanboys are the worst, Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox?

Shadow Man3695d ago

They'll take your bubble and hit disagree with their multiple accounts for owning a xbox360. And their only defense is RROD.

SONYSLAVE3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

aint that the god given truth. They are full of anger so let them be

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The story is too old to be commented.