Gord Is a New Single Player Dark Fantasy Adventure Strategy Game from ex CDPR Dev Stan Just

Stan Just, a former CD PROJEKT RED producer, announced his studio's first game. It's Gord, a single player dark fantasy strategy adventure set in a world inspired by Slavic folklore.

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RaidenBlack1138d ago

Gotta say, looks kinda interesting.

Vits1138d ago

Yeah. I really dig this dark fantasy asthetic. And this mixture of city builder with strategy rpg is also pretty interesting.

victorMaje1138d ago

It does, though needs a little more polish, no pun intended :)

Magog1138d ago

That name isn't doing it for me, lol

sourOG1138d ago

Looks good. I hope it does good on PC so it comes to consoles. Slavic mythology was my next one to tackle. I don’t know much besides Chernobog.

Rocosaurus1138d ago

Looks good. Nice to see slavic folklore being represented.


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