How To Save Money When Shopping For Retro Games

If you want to play retro games you're looking at an expensive habit in the making. Here's how you can save money when shopping for retro games.

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Knightofelemia26d ago

Just go on Ebay look under untested or broken games most of the time some people are too stupid to clean the pins change out the save battery or use a disc buffer. I bought an OG Xbox half the price because the disc tray was not opening it was labelled broken for parts as is all it needed was a new belt for the drive and a clock capacitor removed and that Xbox runs good now.

zacfoldor25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Did you need a soldering iron to remove that clock capacitor? Because that would have been beyond my skill/bravery level.

Knightofelemia25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

You could desolder the clock capacitor on the older Xbox but I just did the twist pull method if it leaks neutralize the liquid from the capacitor. But double check which board you have a V1.6 board does not have the clock capacitor in the same area and the V 1.6 board does not require the capacitor removed.


This will be probably in the future the only way to keep retro games in their physical form alive: https://thepoorstudenthobby...
If you want to have your shelf full of carts with their correct boxes, this will all need to be 3D printed but at least it will look as close to original as you will get without spending a ton of $$ on some games. That is for NES but this should be for all retro systems, which I'm sure there are out there. Be able to buy the PCB cart housing than flash the rom on it but it needs to be more simple so almost everyone can do it. ROMs are all over, easy to find.