Where is Tekken X Street Fighter?

Dan Rizzo says "where is Tekken X Street Fighter? Was its reveal all for naught? Are we lead to believe that Harada’s still holding out after Ono’s departure? Will we ever see a draft of its early development phase? These are all questions that will remain – along with the title itself – in video gaming purgatory."

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ZeekQuattro27d ago

Hanging out with Deep Down in videogame purgatory.

alexa573927d ago

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lodossrage27d ago

I think IF this game ever happened, they would remaster Street Fighter X Tekken just for the sake of it being up to date with Tekken X Street Fighter.

I can't imagine Capcom being ok with Tekken X Street Fighter being on the PS5/Series X/S while Street Fighter X Tekken is literally two system generations behind.

Petebloodyonion27d ago

I think Capcom wants ppl to forget about that Pay to win game they created or the need to remove the gem currency from it.

Petebloodyonion27d ago

I believe that both companies are doing well with their own fighting game atm so they don't see the urgency to produce that title. But I could see some Cameo appearing on Sf6 or the next Tekken game.

BenRC0127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

So much fun on the vita, combos tagged to the touch screen meant some easy cross platform wins.

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The story is too old to be commented.