50 Cent: Blood on the Sand New Trailer

50 Cent is looking for revenge in the middle-east after his loot was stolen.

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wwedx3697d ago

this game looks cool i might get it

Bladestar3697d ago

You seriously have to be kidding me... no thanks... What possible reason this game has of being good? I heard that Movies tend to make horrible ports... now imagine Music... let alone rappers...

bomboclaat_gamer3697d ago

u got something against the black community?

Bladestar3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

black? what the heck!? haha! where do I say black? ohh I get it.. because I said rappers... I didn't know rap was a black people only music... last time I checked even white people rap (i.e. Eminem)...

nahh... I just based on history movies or game based on real people do not translate well into games... Relax... Racist and Racist paranoia fall under the same category... didn't Obama win? right about now... the black community should know that the world it's not out to get them... not every comment is an attack against black people.

rbluetank3697d ago

Killzone2 is coming next month and UTengine has already let me down. i have a broke game in my 360 as we speak with UTengine trade marked all over it.... They prove to me the UTe is broke because they could not even fix it with 4years of practices... lmao i will rent after a couple of days on the market. save your money before losing your money on this bad gaming engine.

jollygoodchap83697d ago

I wonder how many people would get excited or be interested in this game if 50 cent had no involvement whatsoever?

Like having a different hero? Would that change things? Who knows? I think it would.

Anyway I'm kinda turned off a bit since its 50 cent. If it was a story of regular dude(black,white,yellow,brown, purple,blue,etc...)I might actually check this out.

A sidenote to bomboclaat_racist: THIS NOT A HATE MESSAGE TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

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