Roleplaying in Mines of Moria

As a roleplayer in Lord of the Rings Online, you have access to a goldmine of information regarding how to properly involve yourself in the lore and storyline of the game. Tolkien's works have been so deeply researched and analyzed that there's bound to be some angle in which you can draw inspiration for your character. With the latest expansion, Mines of Moria, a whole new (underground) world has opened up for you to grow your roleplaying adventures.

In a recent RoleCraft article at Warcry, gamers get a look at some examples and suggestions for proper roleplaying in Moria. If you're a Dwarf, you're all set because Moria is all about you. However, being an Elf, Man or Hobbit may present some interesting challenges, but that's the fun of roleplaying! Challenge yourself to create a unique back story for your characters to explain why they're in Moria. What are they hoping to achieve? The sky's the limit... or at least the mine's ceiling, anyway.

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