Interview: Bryan Paul (PSVR Without Parole)

JumpCut Play’s Kyle Gaffney is joined by Bryan Paul, to discuss PSVR and the very exciting future both it and VR are set to have.

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SullysCigar27d ago

Big fan of this guy. Very few more knowledgeable sources for all things PSVR, and he's normal, avoiding those irritating 'wacky' YouTuber traits.

PSVR is killing it at the moment with great game releases and new announcements. Check out Alvo that released today. Basically COD/Counterstrike VR with that all important Aim controller support - pure addictive fun!

crazyCoconuts26d ago

ironic for me that I sold my PSVR to get an Oculus Rift S just to see them discontinue it. PC VR is seemingly stagnating. Assuming PSVR2's specs are good, i'll be in line pick that up, and look forward to Sony giving VR another boost. Really wish I could be playing Hitman 3 in VR right now...

SullysCigar25d ago

Yeah it's weird. PSVR went through a slow patch a while back and most of us thought that might be our lot... But then there was a boom of big games, some top PC ports and some exclusives.

Just a couple of weeks ago they announced 6 new games in one day, including exclusives like PVP shooter, Fracked.

PSVR2 already has over a dozen games announced and the PS5 patches for games like Blood & Truth and No Man's Sky are amazing even on PSVR 1. I'm pumped - can you tell? Lol

HICK25d ago

Played Alvo for a couple hours last night. Way fun! Hope more people will get it while it's $30 if you have PS+.