GameSpy: Killzone 2 Preview

GameSpy writes: "A few weeks ago, on a blustery, rainy day in Amsterdam, we visited the folks at Guerrilla Games for an in-depth look at their latest project. Still a few months away from releasing the highly anticipated Killzone 2, Guerrilla made sure our transition from the gloomy weather of the Dutch capital to the dark, windy world of Helghan was nearly seamless".

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GWAVE3696d ago

It looks incredible. I can't wait for February '09. Actually, all of '09 is looking pretty dang amazing for PS3 owners.

MrPink3696d ago

I played the Singleplayer campaign for two hours at a Killzone 2 event in London tonight. ITS AMAZING!!! Its so immerse that you really won't understand it until you try it! At the end of the event(right before we got to see a original 1979 copy of the Alien flick on the silver screen) they showed us an utterly incredible trailer of the game. They said we were the first ones ever to see it, and that it was all "Hush Hush". It looked like a friggin PIXAR movie, only better!! I don't know if that is how the final game is going to look like, it would really be too much, but why would they be secretive about a CG Trailer?? I don't know. Anyway, the game is fantastic! damn!

Optimus_Prime3696d ago

The controls of this game are fking terrible.

bviperz3696d ago

Am I not surprised, YOU are here again with nothing but negative comments. Have you even played the game? Maybe it's just not your style.

thebudgetgamer3696d ago

hes a troll everything sony he will bash


baraka0073695d ago

Optimus are you the same Optimus Prime who ruined gamecube phantasy star online ep1&2 by FSODing everyone on a daily basis?