Heavy Rain Aims to Redefine Game Storytelling

Like many game developers, Quantic Dream's CEO believes cut scenes are bad. With Heavy Rain, he hopes to redefine electronic storytelling forever.

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GWAVE3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

That's why I love Sony. They invest their money in innovation that moves the industry forward instead of short-term things like exclusive DLC and timed console exclusives.....not that I'm implying any console maker does that. *Cough*

WANNA GET HIGH3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I cant wait till next year...

Give bubbles if u share the same toughts.

GWAVE Have a bubble.Well said.

PirateThom3695d ago

I keep forgetting about Heavy Rain in the midst of Uncharted 2 and God of War 3.

This will be one to watch, definitely.

house3695d ago

same here i forgot about it but a great game to keep an eye on but we will see how it is

Citizen Cook3695d ago

This and Alan Wake are the only TRUE next-gen adult mature games in development. the rest is childs play.

Optimus_Prime3695d ago

428 for the Wii looks far better than this B movie wannabe.

PirateThom3695d ago

lolz bubbs up...

ur funni

Bathyj3695d ago

Dont give this clown bubbles. He's not being sarcastic or cleverly satirical. He's just a douche who not only believe what he's saying, he thinks we care too.

Unless you were being sarcastic, in which case, yeah he's a real wit.

LarVanian3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

""""Cage spent 15 months writing 6,000 pages of notes and references and the 2,000-page script that powers Heavy Rain. The porous script is packed with 30,000 words of non-linear dialogue, which has been brought to life by a cast of 70 actors and stuntmen. Currently, a development team of over 220 people will bring the extensive motion-captured action -- the largest ever for a videogame -- into a narrative that gamers can explore."""

Sweet mother of God! :o

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