MLB The Show 21 Preload Live on Xbox Series and X1, PS5 Size Revealed

Good news for Xbox owners, the MLB The Show 21 preload has officially gone up for both Xbox Series X|S.

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RazzerRedux197d ago

PS5 version is 15GB lighter.

Father__Merrin197d ago

That is yours to keep and won't stay $70 for long

neomahi197d ago Show
SierraGuy197d ago

Do you ever stfu?

I don't mind paying $70 for a game i love.

If $70 is too much for you maybe upgrade your job 🤷.

RazzerRedux197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

lol.....someone is defensive.

gravedigger197d ago

So is the Xbox Series version outside of GamePass, isn't it

DJStotty197d ago


"If $70 is too much for you maybe upgrade your job"

If £15 a month is too much for you maybe upgrade your job.

InUrFoxHole197d ago

Lol you guys are so silly. Going to give this a shot on ultimate. Haven't played a console baseball game since Ken Griffey Jr on N64. This is one reason ultimate is important for devs.

Bathyj197d ago

But it's ok cos PlayStation gamers buy games. Like we always have.

King_Noctis197d ago

“ I don't mind paying $70 for a game i love.”

A yearly sport game that becomes outdated as soon as the next year version arrives?

sirmerlyn197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

The series x version is 70 also. check the stores

Christopher197d ago

@DJShotty: that doesn't make sense when the argument for GamePass is to save money.

b777conehead196d ago

And I bought it willing because I play the show every year it’s mine to keep. What’s your problem

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Destiny1080197d ago

Marvels Avengers: 30% more hard-drive space used for the xbox version
Control Ultimate Edition: 42% more hard-drive space used for the xbox version
MLB The Show: 20% more hard-drive space used for the xbox version

excaliburps197d ago

Daaamn. I didn't know this.

RazzerRedux197d ago


I believe this is due to the compression capabilities of PS5's SSD.

DJStotty197d ago

Explained with the better compression solution in the PS5.....


itsmebryan197d ago

Good thing XSX has a larger HDD and a way to expand hi-speed storage.

When is PS5 getting a way to expand their hi-speed storage. It's going on 5 months and so far I haven't heard of a release date.

gravedigger197d ago


Quote :

Good thing XSX has a larger HDD and a way to expand hi-speed storage.

Luckily, PS5 soon, maybe tomorrow will have that option too

itsmebryan197d ago

Luckily, PS5 soon, maybe tomorrow will have that option too.

I read the article. It's not the hi-speed storage it's an update for USB drives.
If they made a big deal about the memory for the PS5 being standard off the shelf PC storage, why is it taking so long to enable it's use? It's odd.🤔

Imortus_san197d ago

Control is the same on both consoles.

iplay1up2191d ago

Series X has 180gb more HD space than PS5.

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waverider197d ago

Thats very good and i hope more studios use the compression tech to make games smaller on the PS5.

DJStotty197d ago

It is not something that is utilized by individual titles, more built into the system's API.

All multi plat games will come in at a smaller file size than the xbox.

You do not need to worry or hope that more studios will use the compression, they all will.

marioJP87197d ago

Xbox version 100% free with Gamepass. 🤣

jznrpg197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

You pay for GamePass and it won’t be cheap forever . They are just suckering you in now and will hack up the price just like every other service

iplay1up2191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Series X has way more storage. Over 150gb more. Also I have Game Pass. The game is included with my $10 per month subscription. You could have 7 months of Game Pass, for the price of the game! Have fun with that.

RazzerRedux191d ago

"Series X has way more storage. Over 150gb more. "

And you'll need it as multiple games have shown to be "way more" larger on XSX than PS5.

"The game is included with my $10 per month subscription. You could have 7 months of Game Pass, for the price of the game! Have fun with that."

lol....and what happens if they take that game off of Game Pass in four months? Yeah...have fun with that.

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EasilyTheBest197d ago

Xbox version is lighter on your pocket..😁

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197d ago
DJStotty197d ago


"Its also a rental."

Not if i buy it. (gamepass games are discounted when leaving the service)

King_Noctis197d ago

It is a yearly sport game. How long do you intent on playing it?

197d ago
NeoGamer232196d ago

Hard to see long lasting value in a MLB game that comes out each year.

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RazzerRedux197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

That's easy to say, but the majority of Xbox gamers are paying for games outright rather than subscribing to Game Pass. And how long MLB will be on Game Pass is uncertain.

DJStotty197d ago

But for those that are subbed to gamepass, it is "free" (included with a sub) up until the game leaves the service, in which instance the game is sold at a reduced price.

Not to mention the xbox one version is $59.99.

RazzerRedux197d ago


"Not to mention the xbox one version is $59.99."

The PS4 version is $59.99 as well.

sirmerlyn197d ago

After looking it up on several sites, the ps4 and xbone versions are 60, but the ps5 AND series x versions are 70.

itsmebryan197d ago

Are you going to get the PS4 version for a PS5 for $59.99?

RazzerRedux197d ago (Edited 197d ago )


"Are you going to get the PS4 version for a PS5 for $59.99?"

DJStotty brought up the last gen price, not me. Funny you didn't ask him that question.

I'm not getting any version as I'm not a baseball fan.

agnosticgamer196d ago (Edited 196d ago )


Probably around 4-6 months... But you can also purchase it at a discount while the game is in the service. Since the game is $70 if you bought it while it's on GamePass I think it would end up being $63. I think games while they are in the service is a 10% discount.

DJStotty196d ago (Edited 196d ago )


Think you need to read my comment again/i'll clarify what i mean :-

Series X/xbox one - discounted in gamepass (less than £70 - if you purchase with the sub)

Physical/digital outside of gamepass - Xbox One - £49.99 (less than £70) - Series X - £59.99

To note : Gamepass subs on Series X, will receive the Series X version, not the xbox one version.

Not sure why you felt the need to mention the PS4 price??? I was purely keeping the conversation about xbox and gamepass, which is the topic of your inital comment.

For example, i have Ultimate, and a Series X, it will cost me nothing to get the game, i will get the "£70 retail version", which i can buy through the sub, for a cheaper price than retail if i want to own it. If i do not like the game, i played it for free.

PS5 gamers, have no choice but to spend £70, unless they get the PS4 version for £60, and then use BC.

Edit : sorry just checked, i got the pricing incorrect, it is £49.99 on xbox one, £59.99 on Series X :-

So the Series X version, is in the same price bracket as all other Series X games, and not £69.99 like PS5 exclusives.

Out of interest, how much is the PS5 version of MLB the show?

DJStotty196d ago

Just checked, same price between Series X/PS5 versions.

DJStotty196d ago

To add to this (to clear a few points up and for clarity)

PS4/Xbox One retail UK - £49.99
PS5/Series S|X retail UK - £59.99

Playstation gamers will buy the game for £49 and upwards.
Xbox gamers will buy the game for £49 and upwards.

Gamepass subscribers, will pay £0 to play the game, if they decide they like the game, or the game is scheduled to leave gamepass, the game is offered at a discount (normally around 15% if i am correct).

So to take away from this, MLB the show 21, is cheaper or of an equivalent price in comparison to the Playstation. Retail is price matched, gamepass is cheaper.

Hope this helps.

RazzerRedux196d ago

"Not sure why you felt the need to mention the PS4 price??? "

Simple to show that the Xbox One price was not some anomaly. You highlighted the Xbox One price as it to make a point.

"Not to mention the xbox one version is $59.99."

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Christopher197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

This direct comparison between cost of ownership and rental is getting dumber.

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197d ago
ApocalypseShadow197d ago

That's so crazy. The first in house, first party game on Xbox.... is a Sony game. Now that sounds like it would be fake news. But it's all real. Who would have predicted that.

This should be very interesting on how well it's received and how well it sells.

excaliburps197d ago

I gather, it'll sell well since a lot of people want a baseball game, and this is the only officially licensed one.

neomahi197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Nope, RBI 21 is officially licensed, sir.

Looks like Sonys agreement to put The Show '21 on Xbox in order to maintain the MLB license (exclusively) is moot, someone had better devise a better excuse. The MLB just expected to put their game on the competitions console because of its quality, didnt matter Sony has its own console. So, now EA is expected to share the NFL and NHL license just because someones not happy is the precident now, EA didnt defend Sony in it all.

ApocalypseShadow196d ago

We'll see. The idea isn't for Xbox fans to "experience it" on game pass. MLB wants to make more profits with this move.

Going forward, it'll be this strange cycle. Sony makes it, MLB may reimburse Sony in some capacity. Then publishes it on Xbox. Gets reimbursed by Microsoft to put it on game pass. To hopefully, gather a following that Xbox fans will buy it.

What if they don't buy it enough? Will this experiment have been worth the trouble? It's not like Microsoft couldn't have made their own. They have the money right? You know, almost 2 trillion market cap? Yet, the lesser valued company makes the best one.

Interesting times indeed.

agnosticgamer196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Baseball kind of forced Sony's hand... But at the same time it's mainly because no other 3rd party cared about the Baseball License including EA... No one cared about the MLB license and MLB got @ss hurt and pressured Sony to expand the games consoles to extend the sales numbers.

Obviously as pointed out by @Neomahi below... They didn't have 100% control over the license like EA does with the NFL. The current R.B.I. baseball title does have officially licensed teams and players.

Father__Merrin197d ago

It's on other formats because MLB wanted it so.

ApocalypseShadow196d ago

Right. But other formats don't have game pass. They have to buy it. If gamers only experience the game but don't buy it on Xbox by renting it, I wouldn't call this a great move just yet.

Will MLB publish it, get reimbursed each year by Microsoft and hope for sales? As I said, going to be interesting to see how well it sells. Not how many have played it. Because I doubt Microsoft is going to share game pass profits with MLB. And if they do, that could lead publishers like EA saying, "where's our cut of game pass profits?"

Sales is MLB's main goal. Not engagement.

JustTheFax197d ago

But it's not a first party game on the xbox, it would be considered 3rd party because sony isn't part of microsoft.

StarLink197d ago

He is just trying to say that MS hasn't released a single first party game on Xbox Series S/X as if that was some kind of dig when the system is selling like hotcakes and we are getting the MLB day one on gamepass. It's his usual MO to try and downplay Xbox and make PS look good. Corporate slave mentality.

ApocalypseShadow196d ago

Star link is right. Microsoft hasn't released one first party game on Xbox. But another first party company has: their competitor.

That should be embarrassing.

JustTheFax196d ago

@ApocalypseShadow You're right it is embarrassing, but I'd say it is embarrassing for both companies. But I think there is going to be more "sharing" between Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony going forward. It is obviously unsustainable for all of them to keep making AAA exclusives if they don't make back what it costs them.

However, that isn't what first party means. But I get your point.

ApocalypseShadow196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

A port of an Xbox one game. Could your name an Xbox series s or x new game from Microsoft in the last 5 months?

Try again. MLB the show is the first, next gen, first party game release by a competitor. Without halo releasing, it means Microsoft released no next gen games yet from their own first party. Shameful.

How can they be worth almost 2 trillion but not make their own baseball game and not have a next gen game on their new system after 5 months?

Does that make any sense to you?

TheGreatGazoo30196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

Yep, great first party game. Loved it. Also... They have released X/S versions of many first party games, so I'm not sure what the point is. They haven't released titles exclusive to the X/S yet but they've stated the goal of supporting Xbox One as long as possible

@ApocalypseShadow last I checked, MLB the Show is also on current Gen. How is that any different than MS releasing their games on current and next gen.

StarLink196d ago

The console is selling like hotcakes even without launching with 1st party games. It just means Microsoft with this new console has been on point from the start meaning gaming, gaming and gaming from end to start. People are hyped and know the goods are coming and waiting a bit isn't a problem. So no matter the amount of downplaying from the likes of ApocalypseShadow and company will change that.

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GamingSinceForever197d ago

Pre-load isn’t even a thing for me on the PS5 because most games takes less than 5 minutes to become playable from what I have seen so far. I suppose I have good internet speed though.

DJStotty197d ago

Do you know what pre-load means?

It is so people with slower internet connections can download the game days before, so they do not wait 9 hours + for it to download.

Having a fast internet speed you would not need to pre-load (although you still can to save yourself 5 minutes)

GamingSinceForever197d ago

Actually pr-load mattered on the PS4 because games even with good internet speeds took a good while. On the PS5 not so much.

I also said for me. Comprehension is key.

DJStotty196d ago

Hence why i noted "you" would not need to pre-load (but you could save yourself 5 minutes by doing so)

Comprehension is key.

"Actually pr-load mattered on the PS4 because games even with good internet speeds took a good while. On the PS5 not so much."

Erm, yes pre-load would still matter the same on PS5, for people with slower internet connections. When good internet speeds are downloading slow, it is normally due to server load, and not your connection, you can only download as fast as a server can upload the information to you, hence why pre-load is now a thing.