User ‘proves’ once PS4’s internal CMOS battery dies, even physical games won’t play offline

A PlayStation 4 owner has demonstrated how the failure or removal of the system’s internal CMOS battery can result in users being unable to play games offline without reconnecting to PSN, even after the battery has been replaced.

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travestyj25d ago

I mean all you have to do if the battery dies is replace it is pretty simple

Angyobangyo25d ago

Not so simple. In the future when Sony eventually shuts down PS4 servers, even replacing the CMOS won't fix it. It has to do with game trophies syncing to PSN servers and the internal clock related to the CMOS.

Asuka25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Not the point. Still requires a handshake with a server to sync your system clock to your trophy data. What needs to happen is a conditional needs to be in place to check if communication to the server is accessable, and if not then bypass the trophy data check to proceed to launching your games/software. The fact that this isn't even a thing baffles my mind. It's really poor design/oversight and paints a narrative of how Sony plans to handle legacy titles 10-15years down the road. Why even bother buying third party games on PlayStation if you can't even play them in the future regardless if you buy digital or physical?

travestyj25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Sony is not going to shut down PSN as long as they remain in business. All current and future consoles will use PSN. And all the CMOS needs to do is confirm the time...

The chances of PSN going away is slim none

Asuka25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Hard disagree. I do not believe in a future where PSN will perpetually support all legacy platforms like you claim. All services get retired eventually as legacy support just becomes way too costly to maintain. It simply cannot there's just not enough money, time, or infrastructure to support such a feat. I guarantee you 40 years from now you will not be able to play your PS4 games digital, physical, third party or otherwise. But I bet you if I can go find myself a working snes and some carts they would work just fine in 40 years time.

travestyj25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

There is nothing to support. The old consoles will be able to connect to it, that is it. Nothing special has to be done for this to happen. It already happens. No extra work is required.

People really are trying to fear monger while not having a clue.

Asuka25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Again hard disagree. The issue is not with the hardware console itself but the services and the servers needed. They eat up an immense amount of money and time and require constant maintenance. When you say there's no extra work needed that is factually false. There is no inbetween or gray area.

But again this isn't a hard issue to fix. All there needs to be is a firmware update to bypass the trophy data sync and it'll work just fine. But whether or not Sony finds fixing this issue as a priority is a different story, and which I wouldn't blame them because this hypothetical issue wouldn't actually be a thing for many many years to come.

travestyj25d ago

All consoles and PSNow will all continue to use the same service which is PSN. It will never shut down so there is nothing to worry about.

Asuka25d ago

"it will never shutdown"... Ok if you say so. At least you've been civil with the conversation, so I appreciate it 🤝

travestyj25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Haha no problem and me too. Then only way I see it going down is if Playstation goes out of business 🤝

Orchard25d ago

“ There is nothing to support. The old consoles will be able to connect to it, that is it. Nothing special has to be done for this to happen. It already happens. No extra work is required.

People really are trying to fear monger while not having a clue”

Clearly it is you who has no clue - anyone who’s built and kind of software or service knows there is maintenance involved and that the methods that service uses will not be the industry standard in 5, 10, 15 years.

Quick examples... encryption algorithms change all the time... TLS versions... HTTP versions... to name but a few.

There is a clear cost associated with supporting old and new devices trying to hit the same service - you either update your old device to be able to talk to the new services, or you make the service support both new and old devices - both of these have a dev cost.

Eidolon25d ago

Bruh, getting to CMOS requires nearly complete disassembly of the PS4, including having to replace the thermal compound and possibly thermal pads(if needed).

Petebloodyonion24d ago

I guess you didn't read the part of the article that mentioned that replacing the issue doesn't fix the problem if you can't connect to PSN.

Mithan24d ago

They would need to patch it to correct that. One would hope that in the future, when they close the store, they would do a patch that removes the handshake/authorization/etc back to the servers.

curtain_swoosh24d ago

its actually not that simple lol not everyone has a hand for that sorta stuff.

MasterChief362424d ago

Lol. "They'll never shut down the PSN." Tell that to the imminent closure of PS3, PS Vita, and PSP storefronts, basically erasing thousands of games from history as well as making it impossible for people interested in the platforms to be able to pick up any games on the service in physical form for cheap.

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gravedigger25d ago

Like every battery has a shelf life, so it is in PS4. All CMOS batteries are replacable easily. Why ouch!?

addictedtochaos24d ago

The CMOS battery in the PS3 and PS4 require a near full disassembly of the system. You have to know what you are doing or you will ruin your console.

gravedigger24d ago


Luckily, PS3/PS4 aren't so hard to disassemble.

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Fluttershy7724d ago

Could they change this with a future patch? Maybe not requiring trophies to sync with the servers in the future?
Is this an issue with PS5 too?

isarai25d ago

Wonder what kind of battery it takes, and how replaceable it is 🤔

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Shiken25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

When PSN for PS4 shuts down, replacing it will not fix the issue. You still need to connect to PSN at least once.

The battery is one problem, but it is the online requirement that is even more worrisome.

travestyj25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

PSN dor PS4 is not going to shut down. All future Sony consoles and PSNow will continue to use PSN

Shiken25d ago

PS3 and VITA were part of the same PSN as the PS4, this has been known for some time. Yet Sony saw fit to remove the stores.

Electronic devices lose support eventually in favor of new ones. If you think Sony will keep PSN support on the PS4 indefinitely, you are lying to yourself. Jim Ryan himself made it very clear he does not give two shits about older games and hardware.

PitbullMonster25d ago

The PSN Store and the PSN aren't the same thing. You can still play online games on ps3 and psvita.

travestyj25d ago

The store is a separate front end web app you use to purchase content. It is not PSN nor does a console need a store to connect to PSN

Orchard25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

@travestyj That literally makes no sense. So you’re telling me that in 10 years time either:

1. Sony are still going to be using the exact same services stack / software as they use today. Obviously this isn’t true since technology like services and software move very fast.


2. They’re going to go back and update PS3, 4, 5 etc for all future versions of PSN. They won’t even support back compat - why would they do this?

You cannot guarantee that PSN will stay turned on for PS3, 4, vita or anything else.

travestyj25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

They will update the servers but PSN will remain the same. There was no special update required when PS4 came out or when the PS5 came out. It is all one network under one username. I can guarantee that.

Orchard25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

So your logic @travestyj, it raises the question - why can’t they do the same with the stores? Why are stores being shut down? It’s just a web service like every other part of PSN.

And how can you guarantee it for me? Do you work high up at Sony?

Heck, even Microsoft has shut down parts of Xbox Live before - and let’s be honest, MS handles services all-up and general support for older platforms a lot better than Sony.

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ScootaKuH25d ago

This is why we shouldn't be so quick to dive into an "always online" future. If the servers get shut down, you lose everything

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FinalFantasyFanatic25d ago

You can buy the battery off any super market shelf, it's the same one a PC motherboard takes if you have a look at it.

Knightofelemia25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


Most common battery would be a CR 2032 I swapped the battery out of my PS3 with a CR 2032 and it works. CR 2032's are common in game cartridges that feature a battery save like Super Mario World or Super Mario RPG even the Sega Saturn uses a CR 2032.Gamecube and Dreamcast along with the PS2 also use a CR 2032 but for those two consoles they are soldered to the mother board. Older pc's used a lithium ion battery and when they popped they pretty much f*cked up the mother board.

Mithan24d ago

Probably a 2025 or 2032, those are the common types used on most motherboards.

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outsider162425d ago

It shouldn't be a worry should it? I mean how long do these go out? I still have my OG Ps4 running just fine. Controller just gave out last month though.

Asuka25d ago

Those batteries tend to last anywhere between 15 to 20 years. It's just that someday they will die and in about 20 years time do you believe PS4 will still be supported on PSN? If not then that console essentially turns into a paper weight.

outsider162424d ago

"20 years time". Lol. I have the launch console and its running fine till now. Im only holding onto it till i get my PS5 and im selling it off for cheap. Lets say 7 years now.

I don't know about you but I've never heard of consoles dying because of a battery.

Napoca724d ago

My battery in the dreamcast still runs and it is older than 20years...

Mithan24d ago

We will have blown up the planet by then, wont be an issue for most people

miacosa25d ago

This is pretty much applies for all digital content with DRM it will all need to phone home and store the checks.

Kaii25d ago

+1 for Emulation Software

ManMarmalade25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Computers die after being used for a long time and eventually burn out as well if theyre pushed too hard. Ive had at least 3 motherboards completely go out on me because of how many years I owned them. Ive lost tons of important files lost like this. Are PCs indestructible now?

Edit: you can buy a pc at any time and you can buy a console at any time. You can easily switch out HDDs on both consoles and PCs so I dont really see your logic unless im missing something. Also, emulation is nowhere near being as good as natively playing games. Parappa the Rapper, bust a groove, and a lot of my favourite rhythm games are almost unplayable with the input lag on my emulator. At least I can play some great rpg's though.

Orchard25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

You can buy a new PC at any time - and your emulated games will still work if they work today.

Buying a new PS3/4 will just get more and more difficult over time, and there’s a risk that the digital purchases or patches etc become inaccessible (as is happening to PS3 right now...)

trollpsg25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

thats funny 3 motherboards are you sure ? i have been in to computers for over 40 years and have not had 3 motherboards pack up on me if what you are saying is true you most be over clocking them to much or buying very cheap ones or both