Nintendo Boss Warns of Potential Switch Stock Shortages

2020 may have seen many players struggling to source a new console, but the issues are far from over as Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa has warned of stock shortages.

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zacfoldor24d ago

That feeling when 80 million units just ain't gonna cut it and you gotta start calling around looking for superconductors.

sonicsidewinder24d ago

Better buy one now then, right? Like Mario 3D All-Stars?

septemberindecember24d ago

This demand isn't manufactured, if that's what you are suggesting. Switch is currently on track to have it's best year ever, and has the potential to sell more in one year than any console has ever (provided they keep this momentum).

It's just a popular console, and it's hard to keep up with demand.

Outlawzz24d ago

Hold off for the switch pro is my advice anyways for someone this late in the game

King_Noctis24d ago

They might even have issue manufacturing the Switch Pro as well. These last few months have been hell for gaming/PC components.

zacfoldor23d ago

This is my biggest hardware worry right now.

Knightofelemia23d ago

The Switch Pro is just a rumor until Nintendo officially announces a Switch Pro that's all it is just a rumor.

23d ago
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