5 Years Later: 'Dark Souls III is the Ultimate Dark Souls Experience

Despite its many influences, Dark Souls III remains one of a kind 5 years later.

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Fraggle198722d ago

Its no Doubt the best Souls game but the best of its type is still bloodborne.

Darkborn22d ago

I agree. I played every souls game including demons souls originally and the remake recently, dark souls 1-3 on release and DLC, ds 2 scholar of the first sin and dark souls remastered included, as well as sekiro. I never finished bloodborne. I just didn't like it.

VenomCarnage8922d ago

Dark Souls 3 is the most polished and refined in the series, objectively speaking, and Bloodborne is a masterpiece in the genre in general. Neither is objectively better than the other though. They're different enough that we have to enter the realm of subjectivity to discuss that topic whatsoever

oldenjon22d ago

Bloodborne is still the king. Dark Souls 3 was good, but I still prefer 1 and maybe even 2 over 3.

darren_poolies22d ago

2 is the worst one in the series and it's not even close. The DLC was good though.

oldenjon22d ago

@darren_poolies, Pretty sure I put more time into Dark Souls 2 than 3. 'Worst' is debatable of course, it did a lot of things differently, and was fresh in some ways. 3, to me, was expected and like lets just get this finished so we can get out of our contract.

anast22d ago

Probably need that extra time to deal with DS2's fake difficulty.

Futureshark22d ago

Bumps up to solid 60fps on PS5 too, making a great game even better.

VenomCarnage8922d ago

It feels like a different game when playing it without those constant frame stutters. I know pretty much all games are 30 fps on ps3/ps4, but this series never even felt very close to a full 30 to me before

Father__Merrin22d ago

Finished this on pc using a 1hit kill and infinite hp/sp trainer. Even then it took ages to beat. Playing this legit would last you a heck of a long time

georeo22d ago

Where’s the fun in that?

Father__Merrin22d ago

Well tbh I did the same with sekiro I had gotten them dirt cheap from g2a and no way do I have the spare time to complete long haul games like that anymore. So to just get the games out of the way then uninstall I used trainers to quickly see the full game.

Tbh that genshin boss in sekiro I don't think I'd have the patience for that anyways

Magatsuhi22d ago

It's hard for me to believe people think this is the best souls game. It's only ever between dms/ds1/bloodborne. You could feel how uninspired Miyazaki was making this with its boring environments and boring bosses. He wanted it to end already.

HarryMasonHerpderp22d ago

I agree with you, you could tell Dark Souls was running out of steam by the 3rd entry and Bloodborne was a breathe of fresh air. Dms,DS1 and Bloodborne are the best in the series easily.

Chard22d ago

i've ony played DaS1 but I keep hearing that DaS3 has the best bosses

ManMarmalade22d ago

It really does. I had a blast playing it online when it came out. I put hundreds of hours into it.

Tapani22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I don't know, when you play again the first DS1 after DS3 Deluxe, it does feel like it's lacking a bit. Although it is still my favorite, Bloodborne second and Demon's Souls third. I thought all of the games in the series are great in their own way. Especially the DLC in II and III were fantastic. Sekiro was good, but it's not an RPG anymore, it's pure action.

HarryMasonHerpderp22d ago

Yeah I guess they improved the combat for DS3, I personally just preferred DS1 and by the time we got to the 3rd I was a bit burnt out, just felt like more of the same to me. Despite all of that I still liked DS3 and I think all of the Souls games are amazing at the end of the day. Still need to play Sekiro

SlothLordPootus22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Dark Souls 3 is my favorite, it even beats out Bloodborne for me. I disagree about the boring environments and bosses. The combat feels great compared to other souls games too, felt more like demons souls whereas DS1 and DS2 feel much slower.

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Nofamboyism22d ago

It’s definitely good, not sure if Sekiro falls in this category but that and Demon Souls remake are my favs

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