You can now play every classic Halo on Xbox with a mouse and keyboard

Parity is a beautiful thing.

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Magog705d ago

Also known as playing on easy mode.

anubusgold705d ago

Controllers suck. Ive always played mouse and keyboard even back in the days with floppy disks. I dropped consoles for good with the ps3 and xbox 360 era trying to go back and use a controller when halo MCC hit pc it made me sick how slow and inaccurate a controller is i cant use them anymore they are so bad.

spicelicka705d ago

On the other hand I love sitting back on the couch, the ergonomics, the haptic feedback from pulling the triggers, the "inaccuracy" is a non-issue because after a little practice it feels perfectly natural (which is why millions of people have no problem with them). Keyboard and mouse feels like I'm doing homework pointing and clicking and pressing buttons on the keyboard hunched over a desk, only good for strategy games. Point is, use what you like, everyone's opinion is half assed and subjective.

anubusgold705d ago

My gaming chair lays back and has a foot rest im very comfortable in my chair and my monitor is on a monitor arm i can move it in any angle. Some time i just lay back in my chair and have the monitor above me looking down on me while i watch a movie.

Magog705d ago

Enjoy those point and click headshots, friend. Putting your mouse cursor where ever you want in a millisecond and clicking away is so far removed from how aiming a gun actually works its extremely unsatisfying to me.

anubusgold704d ago (Edited 704d ago )

LOL im from the south dont tell me how guns work boy controllers are far from it in real life you dont get auto aim lol.

Magog704d ago

Not all controller games use auto-aim.