9 Things We Want From Nintendo at E3 2021

Gamespot: "Nintendo is officially confirmed to participate in E3 2021, and since Nintendo tends to bring out the big guns at E3, we've compiled the biggest things we want at this year's show."

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Nyxus27d ago

Kinda boring list. Pretty much all he's asking for is more ports. I'd rather see new games.

septemberindecember26d ago

I really want some Metroid Prime 4 news with a teaser trailer of gameplay. Pikmin 4 would also be fantastic. I would also like to hear about that new IP that Monolithsoft has been supposedly cooking up.

Otherwise, I'm sure we will see some Diamond and Pearl remakes, maybe some surprise for later in the year (like December). They will probably announce a port for beginning of 2022 as there seems like there is a pattern of that (e.g. Bayo 1+2 was Feb 2018, NSMBU was Jan 2019, Tokyo Mirage was Jan 2020, 3D World was Feb 2021). I don't think we are going to see a lot of surprises though, as they have been stealth dropping announcements more often than big spectacles recently.

Knightofelemia26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Metroid for f*ck sakes I want a f*cking Metroid game or hell port the Metroid Prime games to the Switch I haven't played Metroid since the SNES. I recently snagged the NES Metroid from a pawnshop and I am liking it now I just have to wrangle the Prime games on the GC.

26d ago
FernDiggidy26d ago

I'd like to see
- BOTW 2
- Metroid Prime 4
- Metroid Prime Trilogy
- Bayo 3
- Mario Odyssey 2
- Smash Ultimate Season 3
- New Ip would be cool