Final Fantasy XIV Online’s PS5 open beta arrives tomorrow: here’s what you need to know

Details on the MMO’s upgrades and DualSense controller features as Eorzea welcomes PS5 players.

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23d ago

Would be nice if I had enough space on my PS5 to install this but since Sony refused to give a us a storage expansion I have to be extremely picky on my installs...

CrimsonWing6923d ago

How many games do you have downloaded?

Surely you can delete a couple to make room.


I've done that plenty of times and I'm tired of doing that. There needs to be a real storage solution. I can't install all the ps5 games I have because of this crap. I got about 7-8 games on my drive. I had to delete a full game just to install updates on another game to me that is unacceptable.