Talking Last Of Us PS5 Rumors, The Changing Cinema Landscape, and E3 2021 On A New Skewedcast

Gareth, Justin, Michael, and Joseph have posted their latest show. They discuss rumors of The Last of Us getting a PS5 redo; and E3 2021.

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seanpitt2328d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Why would they make this game again especially with how badly the last of us part 2 ended the story.. it left such a bad taste in peoples mouth all you would be thinking now playing the first game is what happens 5 years later. Plus the 1st game still looks amazing on the PS4 pro really no need for this at all....

I would of rather had days gone 2

Garethvk28d ago

Really good points. Remake or a upgrade; it does not seem necessary.

outsider162427d ago

Hey maybe they'll fix that Doctors face everyone's crying about.

toxic-inferno28d ago

You're absolutely right. And it's not as though the game could really benefit from any major technical improvements either.

At least other rumoured remakes (e.g. Bloodborne) would have an improved frame rate. TLOU remains a high standard even 8 years after its release.

Garethvk28d ago

I wonder what the optics will be. I can see detractors saying this shows that Sony is unclear or long-term plans or has a lack of exclusives in the works so they are mining old hits again. I am not sure this is true at all but the constant return to it seems odd.

jukins27d ago

Umm are you insane? Have you seen how much better tlou2 is than even remastered tlou? Now take the power of the ps5 apply to that and who wouldnt want to play that?

And besides this remake is obviously primarily for people who havent played and need to possibly be introduced before the tv show comes. But again fanboys thinking their minority representation of the customer base is significantly more than what it is lol

KyRo28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

TLoU2 didn't end the story? It left it wide open. I cannot wait to see what comes next as many millions of others are.

That's being said, TLoU2 doesn't need a remake. The original game still holds up incredibly well.

zacfoldor28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I agree, even if one liked TLOU2, I have a hard time going back and playing 1 now after knowing. TLOU1 already has the EXCELLENT PS4 remaster too, so it doesn't make sense on multiple levels for me.

I don't like being so stuck on an ending or plot point....but here I am, lol. I liked TLOU2, even gave it a 9/10 but some decisions ruin replayability for me.

Sometimes, even if a game or movie is really good, it is just too painful to replay or rewatch. When they announced TLOU2, my number 1 worry was that it would ruin TLOU1 for me. During my playthrough, I told my brother that it actually probably did ruin the delicate...perfect first game's narrative for me, and to this day, I believe it has. I still love it, but I cringe when thinking of going back to that world.

Oh, I'll play TLOU3 day 1, no doubt, special edition, but I doubt I play the other two again.

anast27d ago

Weird take. I mean I realize that new information can make old information seem different, but to ruin it to the point of no return is a bit dramatic. And it can't be that fun of a game, if the mere thought of having fun in that world is too painful to revisit.

I enjoyed both an I am about to fire up a complete replay through of the first and part 2 (once I finish D: OS2), which is going to be fun for me and not painful. I tend to revisit joy and fun, because it

Inverno27d ago

My guess is Druckman wants to rewrite the story for it to better line up with how the characters and the events of Part 2. It's clear that Bruce was the "no" man between the writing duo and with him gone there's more of chance to write whatever he Invisioned before. Honestly I hope the rumour isn't true, they already have the show being made which would be enough. If BEND gets put on making naughty dog ips sequels it'll be very disappointing turn of events for the studio.

zacfoldor27d ago

Never would player choice be more interesting than in TLOU series. Canon is canon, but imo it sure would have been nice to just see how things played out if a few decisions from the PC went in a different direction.

Atticus_finch27d ago

You're theories make no sense. When people say remake they mean graphics and gameplay not story. Respecting the story is what makes a good remake and Sony have proved that.

Inverno27d ago

Remake means a complete redoing of an original work, that's why it's called a re-make. Usually in games it means making something again 1 to 1 but that doesn't mean it'll always be that way. There's a strong possibility that Druckman would want to change many things about the first game and a remake gives him exactly that opportunity.


make (something) again or differently.

bloop27d ago

These were my thoughts too, that they're just going to shoe horn segments in relative to the second game, which would be an absolute shame.

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camel_toad27d ago

Yeh I think it's nothing but a false rumor. The original holds up extremely well. I don't see them remaking it until graphics have REALLY advanced like maybe around when PS6 comes out.

sci4me27d ago

Exactly this!. A games final ending can ruin prevoius games for me even if they were really good. Just knowing how it all ends, IF it ends in a bad way..

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Neonridr28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The remaster for PS4 was perfectly fine. Why would we need another one?

Garethvk28d ago

Especially is it is a remake vs an updated version. Why not a new game vs doing a retcon of the first.

Atticus_finch27d ago

Because a new game would take 3 to 4 years with over a 100 employees. The remake would be a year, maybe a bit more and few dozen people.

BenRC0127d ago

Go back and look at tlou ps3 footage, still better animation than 75% of things released now.

Neonridr26d ago

I'm just saying, the first time I experienced this game was on my PS4 and it was amazing. Resolution aside, I can't imagine what would be the point to this.

Atticus_finch28d ago

People are being really closed minded. I love the Tlou1, I have probably finished the game like 5 times. The story is amazing and in my opinion better than most games and movies.
I like the way Tlou1 looks on Ps4 pro but it plays very clunky and next to TLoU2 the graphics show their Ps3 origins.
There will be many people buying a PS console for the first time and many new Tlou fans after the Show airs on HBO.
TLoU2 was a lot of work and all that could easily be used for part 1. SONY would be stupid not to do it and you better believe that with the right price I will be buying it day 1.

Tedakin27d ago

People can play the remaster. It will be 70 bucks. The Last of Us already has more releases than Skyrim in less time.

Atticus_finch27d ago

Stop, It will not be $70.
More releases than Skyrim? You need to go back to school.

outsider162427d ago

"The Last of Us already has more releases than Skyrim in less time."

Lol really? Can you prove it?

SullysCigar27d ago

^ of course he can't prove it. He just made it up and it's pure rubbish lol

Neonridr26d ago

People complain that Nintendo was re-releasing Wii U titles on Switch. Now you are going to tell me that it's ok we triple dip for a title?

Atticus_finch26d ago

I don't care if Nintendo re releases a game infact I think is a great way to replay some of their classics like Mario sunshine. What does bother me is the way those games are sold for full price and never given discounts after years. Sony on the other hand has no problem discounting games after very few months and even giving them away.
Remastering Tlou1 will be easy and I will be very surprised if it cost anything more than $40.

Neonridr25d ago

@Atticus_finch - I don't doubt it will be less, I just feel it's a little bit of a waste of resources to be honest. But that's just my opinion.

jznrpg27d ago

The AI could use work from the first game for sure . It was a great game and it deserves to be remade I just didn’t think it would be so soon if the rumors are true

Rashers27d ago

If they are making "Factions" as rumoured, why not remake the first game too. They cant just use the old models/assets as they wouldnt match the new editions. so by remaking the 1st game they get 2 birds with one stone. re-relase the 1st game and pull some costs back then throw the assets into factions. Throw factions on PSNow/PSplus as an online growing world. When the 3rd game comes out it adds more to it.

BenRC0127d ago

There's definitely more to this that we don't know. Could be a free add on to factions, hbo tie in, who knows.

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