Sony Should Be Using A Studio To Preserve Its PS3, Vita, And PSP Libraries

From TheGamer: "You've no doubt heard that Sony is shutting down its PSP, PlayStation 3, and Vita storefronts, while simultaneously punishing studios for poor critical reception and stripping away the agency of brand new teams such as Michael Mumbauer's that was dedicated to remakes. The latest in these revamps? The Last of Us, a game that was already remastered for the PS4 meaning that you can currently still play it on the PS5. Sony's preservation goals are muddied to say the least and in dire need of a shake-up. With studios dedicated to remakes, I posit this: Sony needs to have studios dedicated to preservation as well."

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Christopher27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I understand Sony's issues, but I 100% agree with this article. I do believe Sony should do their best to make ports, at the least, for their IP to PS4/PS5/Beyond. It's perfectly fine to understand the issues of the PS3, but Sony should do their best to keep those games around for the future if they can't do it by keeping the PS3 alive forever.

jukins27d ago

.. come on how often do you visit any of those stores and make a purchase? How often do you play any of those games. Its obvious that the amount of money the stores are bringing in dont warrent the investmwnt to keep thise stores open.

If people actually bought and visited as much as they pretend to on n4g. Japan studios would still be producing weird obsucre games but people didnt buy them they just talked about them.

King_Noctis27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

So why is Sony (rumored) remaking The Last of Us if people don’t like to re-play old games? Why did they remade Demon Soul?

Darkborn27d ago

My thought is Sony just went out and spent a ton of money somewhere else. Think about it, downsizing Japan studio, closing three storefronts, multiple Konami licensing deal rumors, Sony tried to buy WB, Sony tried to buy Leyou Holdings, kodagawa partnership, epic partnership, denuvo partnership, they've been super quiet for months and I'm assuming waiting for June to reveal a bunch of stuff. Plus we have rumors of a possible game pass competing service and anime devices being added to it. Think about this, Sony now owns funimation and is buying crunchy roll. They also have that kodagawa partnership that deals with Manga and anime and they said they would be sharing IP with Sony and vice versa.

Christopher27d ago

***come on how often do you visit any of those stores and make a purchase?***

I don't know. I mean, how many people are about to repurchase Mass Effect 1-3 again?

***Japan studios would still be producing weird obsucre games but people didnt buy them they just talked about them.***

You do realize this is about so much more than just Japan Studios niche games, right? Killzone games, Resistance Fall of Man, inFamous games, Ratchet games, Atelier games, Disgaea games, LBP games, MGS games, Heavenly Sword, Siren: Blood Curse, and tons (almost 140 games in total) of very well rated indie games that are purely digital in nature.

MrSwankSinatra27d ago

Well that wouldn't be the case if the stores actually fucking worked especially for PS3, which is a nightmare just to buy shit. Nevertheless Sony showed their true colors by not allowing the webstore to remain up. If they really cared about the fans and their legacy they would have shut down the console stores and left the web store, which is much cheaper to maintain.

outsider162427d ago

Tbh, I'd rather play the remake versions. Take a look at it with its next gen remake. SotC too. In tlou's case however, maybe its too early for a remake.

jukins27d ago

So one game out of 4000 warrants keepimg the stores open. Butnyou obvioualy ignored that tlou is a huge ip. It has sold over 14 million betwewn two versions. An updated version would sell. But think about it..isnt there last of us tv shown in development? Perfect time to bring more people into the series not to mention the people, like me, who would abosluetly love an updated tlou if priced right.

jukins27d ago

@chris i realize its more than that. And as i said before how many of you have purchased played or even looked at any of these games were about to lose. If people played these gamesor bought these games sony would be inclined to keep them open but facts are ps4 alone has sold more than ps3 and vita combined so its apparent 99% of people have moved to current and next gen.

Dont get me wrong, because im one of the few still downloading and buying physical vita games, it would be great to have access but i also understand that people like me represent such a small basically insignificant amount of gamers from a business perspective its a no brainer.

But even still we still get small studio games. Abe, destruction, bugsnax etc etc. And is, or at least was in orevious years, pushing vr as much as sony? So theyre still doing oddball things and pushing innovation

Tetsujin26d ago

@ Jukins

I visit older games more than you think. There's a reason why mini consoles are sold at high numbers - people like the idea of playing a game with 0 updates, no internet connection required, and can be played at the players discretion. It gets old trying to play something like Cyberpunk 2077 with constant issues whereas a game like Chrono Trigger can be played multiples times with almost 0 issues. Outriders having server issues while someone like me can do couch co-op with actual friends in person and have 0 problems.

DarthMarvin26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I'd visit them and make purchases if I was able to play them on my PS4 (PS5 if I get one someday) or PC. Sony's problem is they're too f***ing lazy to work on legitimate backwards compatibility and take advantage of the hundreds of millions of dollars they could be making from it.

jukins26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@Tetsujin...again youre an extreme outlier...unless you actually believe over 10 million people would rather play chrono trigger than cyber punk.....

As far as mini consoles....stop pretending like anything but nintendo consoles sell in huge numbers...both the multitude of genesis and the single psclassic have had to be discounted and discountinued. Nintendo minis are fueled by pure nostalgia and resell market...

Not sure what youre not getting. Even with all issues of current games no one, but a few people who just want to be special, wants to go back 3 generations or more rather than play the latest release. The numbers speak for themselves. Just because you find yourself and 5 random internet personas who like old gamea in now way does that make sony want to keep these non essential non used to stores open for the 10 people who just have to let everyone know they're retro!!!

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Teflon0227d ago

While that's great I don't agree. People love to blow any Sony issue outta proportion. The Vita is the only subject at hand that people can make an argument about because it had alot of digital only releases. PS3 and PSP barely. There's nothing to preserve for the most part and if these games are wanted. Go to Namco or who ever owned them and ask em to port em up. Disc based games still exist so honestly unless it was a digital only medium there's not much of an issue.
People say the physical prices. Well, until now the problem was digital prices are too high blah blah. When it's disappearing it's the same thing. This is suppose to be expected. If you own the games you think mattered it's preserved. They're allowing you to access your download list still. People have had 15 years to preserve PS3 games they think are important. PS Now still has 300+ titles. The issue isn't even that serious

Christopher27d ago

I'm not blowing anything out of proportion. I'm suggesting that supporting those games for PS4 and beyond is the best outcome for gamers and a massive sign of goodwill overall.

MrSwankSinatra27d ago

Lmaoooooo are you fucking joking? PS3 has a shit load of digital games, NOT TO MENTION all the pieces of of DLC. that shit isn't getting preserved either when it should

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TheTony31627d ago (Edited 27d ago )

We haven't seen Resistance in almost a decade. Ratchet and Clank is about to release. Atelier Ryza 2 released a couple of months ago and the Atelier HD remasters are announced for PS consoles. Disgaea 6 is on Playstation but only in Japan for some reason. PS5 will continue to get a ton of japanese and Indie games. Closing one studio doesn't really mean anything. It happens all the time. And i'm 100% sure that Konami won't stop making MGS games for Playstation.

Christopher27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

This is about preserving games, not just IP. You and I just don't agree on this. That's cool. I'll always support BC support for older games. That's just me.

Edit: To note, why I support BC is because I find that's the cheaper and better solution than remakes/remasters and allows people to play classics and not have to leave them to time or older devices.

jukins25d ago

So what your saying is, in the name of game should continously foot the bill to keep something open that .00001% of people are gping to use. Just because???

27d ago
TheTony31627d ago

Ah, my bad. I thought you were talking about future releases.

Atticus_finch27d ago

My hope is that Sony is working on bringing all those games back thru PSnow. I'm sure an emulator for those ps1 2 and 3 is being worked on. There no way Sony will leave that catalogue behind.

Orbilator26d ago

Shut them down, nobody cares any more apart from a few stragglers, and if they were that keen they'd have all the games they wanted already.

nickanasty20626d ago

I think a lot of when game preservation matters is really just depending on your age, and when you started gaming. Being born in 1985, I love going back and playing older games, do it all the time. I mean people ate up the NES Classic and SNES Classic when they came out and the target market for that was basically folks like me. Right now I am actually in the process of looking for a 60GB PS3 model the CHECH-01 that has backwards compatibility because I realize Sony are not going to preserve their own legacy. Its a bummer we have to do things like this, but hey, Sony don't care about game preservation much and it seems at least a loud majority on the interwebs also tend to agree with that. Unfortunately, what I recommend if you do care about game preservation is to make it happen for yourself. I personally am old and don't have all the space to store multiple old consoles, so the BC PS3 is my best bet at being able to play any PlayStation Legacy title. I also am one of the few that wish Sony would do this, as i would love to show my eventual kids the games i used to play, but that is going to be a difficult thing to do with any modern Sony console.

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derek27d ago

Who's going to pay for it?

Christopher27d ago

Who paid to make XB/360/XBO games BC compatible?

r2oB27d ago

Are you assuming Sony has the same spending capabilities as Microsoft? Perhaps Sony has to be more calculated when spending money than Microsoft.

Christopher27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Sony's gaming division makes more profit than Xbox's gaming division.

Having said that, I'm not saying Sony has to go all out and support every game like Xbox. But, they can at least keep their biggest IPs supported. That's about 40-50 games, at most. Not hundreds of games and definitely not third-party titles.

IRetrouk27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I agree with your overall points Chris but xbox does not support all xbox games, 50 odd originals and 500 odd 360 titles out of thousands.

Sony need to do better, but ms aint the yardstick for bc people make them out to be, there are over 130 ps2 games on the ps store right now, plus many ps3 games supported through ps now, again sony need to do better in this regard, but so does ms and nintendo though.

Christopher27d ago

***I agree with your overall points Chris but xbox does not support all xbox games, 50 odd originals and 500 odd 360 titles out of thousands.***

Good point. I was thinking of XBO -> XSX there. But, they do support a lot of older titles and I just wish more companies did that instead of ignoring them or putting the big ones up for remakes/remasters and having $40+ price tags on them.

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IRetrouk27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I agree, if able, the more the better, I enjoy the remakes too, but like you im not happy having to buy them again lol
Hopefully sony can provide a clear message of their plans this summer, including, I hope, why and what they are doing with the older stores etc, the silence doesn't always help.

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MrSwankSinatra27d ago

lmaoooo yeah sony is soooooo calculated especially buying shit like evo, which is gonna do what exactly for sony???? PlayStation is already the home of fighting games, evo was a worthless purchase.

JEECE27d ago

Unfortunately I just don't think any of this is going to matter to them. I understand there are a lot of us on here that care, and there are probably casuals here and there who still would like to play some older games, but by and large this isn't going to affect PS5 demand, so why would they care?

BenRC0126d ago

Exactly ps5 is killing it, don't need some news starved journo telling sony how to run their business.

Donjune26d ago

Same resting on laurels as ps3 era!

cammers199527d ago

Under the direction of that idiot Jim Ryan who is on record saying he hates old games, it will never happen. Maybe when Jim Ryan leaves sony one day.

JustTheFax27d ago

lol reminds me of when I was a kid, and my mom didn't want to buy me and my sister a puppy right then and we called her an animal hater the whole way home.

BenRC0126d ago

Good, want old games? Go buy a ps3

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