How Bend Studio Turned Days Gone From a Mess to a Masterpiece

Bend Studio managed to take Days Gone from a rocky launch and turn it into a must-play masterpiece for the PS5. If you pick up Days Gone today, you might wonder why it received such lukewarm reception from critics. However, behind this game is a story of a studio with lofty ambitions and an unwillingness to quit.

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waverider33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

The game was never a mess. The game was too ambitous, size wise, for the PS4, for the crappy CPU. The hordes were huge and it effect the game. But its not a masterpiece either. The problem in many review is the generic excuse that you can use in any game, but then forget it on other. It was the first big project from Bend Studio and the game was great. Graphics wise even with unreal engine the plastic look that we see in other games like Outriders on everything wasnt there.

Sonic-and-Crash33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

yes exceptionally good mechanics there and fun gameplay also keeping you attached to the whole game....though it had some flaws , mainly artistically that made the game not so appealable at first sight (main characters design , overused zombie lore etc)

waverider33d ago

I liked the RPG´s aspects of the game, upgrading and driving the bike, The weather system was impressive, Also liked the guns and the feel of them. Played a lot the hordes mode. Must go back and try it in the PS5.

jukins33d ago

Even on ps4 hordes where playable. For me it was the game play loop in between hordes. It was just to much the same over and over. Although i will say 60fps on ps5 definetly makes it that much better

thorstein33d ago

Definitely. I don't understand how this story was approved when this claim is a blatant lie.

Knushwood Butt33d ago

The community approves a lot of trash.

badz14933d ago

what ironic is, most of these people calling Days Gone a mess were the people trying their best to prove that CP2077 is running just fine

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Storm2333d ago

Game is amazing on the PS5. Had a blast with it. Would have loved a sequel but at least the game showed me that I should be excited for whatever Bend is doing next.

jukins33d ago

Yep what they did rightbwas amazing. I feel if they streamline their strenghts into a less open world title they will have another hit

Thundercat7733d ago

I am very impressed at how good this game looks on PS5.

cammers199533d ago

This game was so underrated. I loved it.

Hikoran33d ago

4 words that made it incredible. Life's for the Living.

Fluttershy7733d ago

does the 's count as a word or not?

F0XH0UND92233d ago

It's a conjunction, so no lol

Fluttershy7733d ago

@F0XH0UND922 but it's a conjunction of a word. As you can probably tell English is not my native language, so I'm sincerely asking, when you are counting words in an expression like this one... does the conjunction count as a word or not?

The_Sage33d ago

The conjunction is one word. I understand why you'd wonder about that.

knightedHollow32d ago

Technically it's two words combined into one. The 2 words form a different word known as a conjunction. But it counts as one word.

However, normally when using the type of expression that @Hikoran used above it is not common to use a conjunction.

Hikoran31d ago

It's a song. It should say correctly "Life is for the Living" but as this is sung, it's said Life's, as in life is.

Fluttershy7733d ago

Sorry, I won't give Deacon von Mumbling another chance

cammers199533d ago ShowReplies(1)
F0XH0UND92233d ago

Yeah, someone with severely diminished critical thinking skills would let a thing like that bother them enough to avoid the game. Don't reproduce, bro.

knightedHollow32d ago

Are you trying to get banned?

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