Behind the Scenes with Sony's Killzone 2

In just two long months, Killzone 2 hits retail. GameDaily gets early access to the complete game.

by John Gaudiosi on Thursday, December 04, 2008

AMSTERDAM--Guerrilla Games, acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in December 2005, resides in a cavernous, five-story historic bank in downtown Amsterdam. There's even a safe in the basement where the servers are kept cool. But the developer behind the Killzone franchise, gave a small contingent of game editors carte blanche access to their upcoming game, and first PlayStation 3 title -- Killzone 2.

Listening to some of the taglines for the new game like "Our war, their planet," which sets up the large-scale planetary invasion of Helghast for the single-player campaign, and it becomes obvious that Hollywood has had a major influence on the team. During a presentation, Hermen Hulst, managing director of Guerrilla Games talked about the "journey through a hostile world where he wants gamers to feel unwelcome, and be part of big set pieces, dramatic events, and engage in a Hollywood-size experience."

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BrunoM3699d ago

its gona be a great game .. is a first day buy for me ..

i mean like it or not the first Killzone was a let down i did buy it and play the hell out of it online but it was a let donw at times the game had to much of a dark felling to it and it wasent that good some how it bug me ..

but all i have seen from killzone2 is a GREAT game looks are amazing even tho still has that dark look i talk about from killzone1 it look more alive maibe the fact that u can blow almost all up and alot more people will be in it will make me see the game unlike i did the first killzone ...

i got a shot at playing the new one and all i can say is WOW so ya (and no i wont care about the score other sites will gave the game) i will buy it the day it comes out ..

On a side note Killzone looks AMAZING in a 52inch sony FULL HD tv but something tells me i will be blown away more by God Of War III ..


40 inch bravia with 7.1 .......I have been enjoying that for 3 weeks now. come sunday it comes to an end...This game is amazing fanboy or not...I have put in 80 hours and come february I will have a threesome with me my girl and killzone ...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

ape0073699d ago

after seeing the latest HD vids,I can easly say that am 100% sold

can't believe my eyes,too good to be true

BrunoM3699d ago

Ya i know what you mean now think about it already playing it on a 52'inch Sony full Hd tv it blows you away ..

and its only Alpha the codes that us Betas got is still gona get lil things here and there to help it out .. these game is a onne of a kind wen it comes to looks ..

but the best thing is that the game is NOT about the looks is a bout a HEACK of a lot more the game play is GREAT on pair with COD4 the comunity system is a heck of a lot better than Halo3 ..(and no im not just talking im in the Beta for Killzone2 and i OWN and play my 360)

its really something not done yet in games movie like really will mean something now ..

but like i said i wanna see the God Of War III game thats gona look from another world and the new ICO ..

any Who a first day buy for who ever loves/like FPS's

buy a ps33699d ago

I agree
thank you sony for making a console that can play games like this.

actas1233699d ago


Aclay3699d ago

The only other thing I want confirmation on is whether or not there will be a Special Edition/Collectors Edition because if so, I will get it without a doubt.

Killzone 2 is one of the main games that most of us PS3 owners have been waiting for since getting PS3's and it's almost here. The only thing Sony has to do now is advertise KZ2 like it's the last game they'll ever release.

BrunoM3699d ago

Agree with you ..

they got to do it like is the last game EVER (even tho they got to make all the ADV allround much better )

iHEARTboobs3699d ago

would be retarded. I would love for it to include a helghan helmet with glowing eyes. Nice!

BrunoM3699d ago

They will hae a Special one im DAMN sure of it it would be dumb not to

so ya now what it is i make no idea even tho i think iHEARTnoons does have a great idea..

bviperz3699d ago

that glows AND you can wear. Now I'd buy that for a hundred bones.

BrunoM3699d ago

Love The IDEA of the Halmet that glows and all .. hummm but dont know bout the being able to wear it lol dont really care for that woudent be walking around with it on lol...

but ya good idea lol..

bviperz3699d ago

imagine the looks you'll get on the way to work (or school) sitting in traffic!

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RememberThe3573699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

*Off to read the article...

EDIT:Looks like they saw the same thing as Eurogamer. However, this preview seems less meant to impress you, and more to just tell you what they saw.

Different quotes, same general impression.

ThatCanadianGuy3699d ago

Out buying PS3's..If there smart.

dukadork3699d ago

i think it's the red glow in their eyes... reminds them of passed traumas


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