Big Download: Left 4 Dead Guide: Showing No Mercy

So you've bought Left 4 Dead, installed it, booted it up, and began a game with three of your best friends. But you are getting your ass kicked by the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies on the easiest difficulty setting. Not to fear! With our guide to the art (and zen) of zombie killing, you and your friends will be breakdancing through Hordes and dancing on cars with alarms in no time! Just try not to Take too long on your way through this guide. You wouldn't want a horde of zombies or a Tank to attack you out of nowhere, now would you?

The first campaign in Left 4 Dead is the easiest, and for good reason. It's the introduction to the rest of the game and the most played campaign, thanks to being the one most people played in the demo. It has a variety of environments, almost all of which are incredibly claustrophobic, and really lends itself well to massacring zombies in large quantities. So why would a guide be needed? Well, like any of the other, less familiar campaigns, you need to know where the good places are to succeed, even though it's a relatively easy campaign.

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