UGO: Wettest Games Ever

UGO writes:

"Ask anyone in visual effects technology, and they'll tell you that the creation of dynamic, realistic water has long been a Holy Grail for pixel-pushers. The vital substance (of which two-thirds of our body is made) exhibits such complex behaviors that even our brightest minds can't fully simulate it. Some of the finest moments in computer-generated water have come courtesy of our old friend video games. In the early days, water was primarly represented as solid blue pixels that killed you on contact, as most early video game characters never learned how to swim. As technology advanced, so too did water in games, until today's next-gen titles feature fluid simulation that blows us away. This list features eleven moments from games that get wet like Andrew W.K, showing water in all its elemental glory. Like Arthur Dent, you should pack a towel for this one."

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