Crysis Remastered PS5 Upgrade: All Modes Tested - What's The Best Way To Play at 60FPS?

Digital Foundry : We've already taken a look at Crysis Remastered on Xbox Series X and came away with mixed feelings. Improvements to frame-rate were there for sure, but there wasn't quite the consistent performance we were looking for. In ray tracing and quality modes, PlayStation 5 runs at a lower rendering resolution than Series X (in common with other 'back compat plus' games) so do we get smoother gameplay on PlayStation 5?

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Shuckylad27d ago

This games a joke. Seriously poor optimisation from the day it was made. Shame.

Eidolon27d ago

It looks like a remaster. I mean what more can you say? Old game. But yeah, I think I've seen it look better on older rigs.. years ago.

Espangerish27d ago

This game trades too heavily on a tired old meme. I did really enjoy the trilogy having said that. Shame they stopped making games. Would be good to see what they could produce if they made a crysis 4 built from the ground up for modern tech.

willdoom27d ago

Low Resolutivo and Low Textures!

deadfrag26d ago

Could play better but Still no VRR on PS5 after 6 months and Sony keeps advertising it on the System Box!Its Very Lame and false advertising!